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Discussion in '8th Generation (2008-2015) [Acura TSX]' started by Grahame_E, Thursday 9th Jan, 2014.

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    Whilst cleaning my car at the weekend (I've neglected the interior cleaning for a few weeks) I rather worryingly found a small pool of water in the spare wheel bay which explained the heavy condensation/misting on the rear screen.

    I've managed to clear the water and dry it out and I've been checking it daily this week especially so after the heavy rain that has plagued the area I live in this week and I have not found any further trace of water intrusion into the boot.

    I am hoping/Praying (I'm not a religious man) that the water was there as a result of opening the boot in heavy rain or with water built up on the tailgate after a shower.

    I have noticed that when I lift the boot lid water seems to run off the tailgate and drip down into the boot area and down onto the boot lid hinges.

    I have checked as best I can the condition of the rubber boot seal, it is firmly in position and doesn't appear to be damaged anywhere.

    So far I've not found any more water but I can't help but think it may be a leak somewhere and most likely a faulty boot seal but I'll keep monitoring it and see how it goes.

    I really don;t fancy stripping the boot interior out and then sitting in the car while someone hoses the back of it to see where the water is coming in.
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    I sometimes get the water drip down the hinges if the boot lid is very wet, but only a small drip. I've found that it only happens if I open the boot slowly and carefully! Even so, it never caused enough water ingress for it to even make the boot carpet damp.

    Hopefully that is all that is causing it for you...
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    My fears are confirmed. I checked inside the spare wheel bay this morning to find a couple of drops of water sitting just above the the rim of the spare wheel bay.

    Not anywhere near as much as there was the other weekend but a sign that water is finding it's way in from somewhere.

    My inclination is it is the right side of the boot as you stand in front of it as the water droplets were on this side, it could be the seal, I'll have to remove it and closely inspect it at the weekend, the other place it might be getting in through is the rear nearside light cluster.

    Will have a look may have to strip out the boot lining and get the hose on it. :-(
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    Clean it up thoroughly put some talcum powder around the boot rubber seals and keep an eye out from where it come from as the talcum powder trace will give you an idea.
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    That's a good idea, certainly more preferable to removing the inner boot linings and putting a hose on it., I will go to the trouble of removing the light cluster at the weekend, that shouldn't be a big job to do and I'll be able to check the seals on it easily enough and I'll put some talc on the boot seal too.
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    Keep us posted take loads of pictures hopefully we can collectively see something and get to the bottom of this :Thumbup: