Insight Fit twin horns to Honda Insight

Discussion in '2nd Generation (2009)' started by colf, Sunday 23rd Feb, 2014.

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    Hi, Had Insight for 3 weeks. Very please so far. Done 241 miles thought town and on motorway and got approx. 47mpg. I was quite pleased with this as previous car (Omega) would have given me about 25mpg. One thing I don't like is the single horn so looking to fit small twin horns. Don't want to screw things up so would appreciate any advice re fitting.
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    Ireland Billy Dor Carrigaline
    Insight central forum has a few ideas ref new horn etc
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    Why not go the full Dukes of Hazzard?

    EDIT - Just realised the question was posed almost 2 years ago!
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    Just as another example you could fit Deltic locomotive horns - everyone would definitely get out of the way!