Body, Paint & Styling Fitted a new boot

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    Quick up date on my 2002 Accord.

    The boot lid had some paint peal on it and the previous owner tried to fix it himself with very little success.

    So I got a boot from a scrapyard and gave it my mate to spray it and I fitted myself. Total cost €80.

    The old boot:

    The new one went on easy enough, just a simple case of disconnecting everything on the old one and doing it all in reverse.
    Tools: Philips head screwdriver, 10mm socket, needle nose pliers and an optional cup of coffee and a smoke :Smile:
    New boot fitted:

    It took about 30 minutes, it was a little annoying trying to get the locking arm aligned but other than that is was very straight forward.
    I think I'll leave all the badges off as it looks nice and clean without them:Thumbup:
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    Champion :Hooray: cheaper than a respray and you have a spare lid is anything does happen.
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    Good job :Thumbup:

    It's satisfying when you sort out an issue yourself.
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    Yeah I love doing stuff like this myself, my friend that sprayed it offered to fit it but I wanted to tackle it myself just to see if I could. Delighted with the results. If the weather is good this weekend I'm gonna clay bar the rest of the car and give it a polish and wax. As the new paint on the boot has the rest of the car showing its age.