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Discussion in '6th Generation (1997-2002)' started by Rob Mark Rudd, Monday 15th Apr, 2013.

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    Hi all new to the site and new to honda's, recently purchased a accord and aquired a very cheap leather interior for it, but i'm now unsure if it will fit. Is the wiring for the electric seats in all models as standard and will the hatchback seats fit in the saloon. Any help will be muchly appreciated
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    Best thing to do is have a look under your current seats, see if you can see the appropriate connectors.

    If not, then it shouldn't be a big issue getting some power down to that area (something that is only on when ignition is on).
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    had a quick look and could only see the airbag wiring, is it possible the connectors could be under the carpet if never been used?

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    there appears to be points in the fuse box for the seats, would the fuse points be there anyway if the loom in the footwells didn't have the connectors?
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    What model is your 6th Generation? It is doubtful you will have the loom there for the electric seat, In the past when I fitted leather in a Mondeo, I ran a feed from the cigarette lighter to power the seat and it worked fine, Hopefully you got some wire and the plug to the seat to splice to

    Back seats from a hatchback will require modification to fit a saloon, you will probably have to swap the back parts over

    You will, without a load of modification lose the heated seats
    Hope this helps
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    thanks for your reply, that does help i think i will look for a cheap accord around the same age but the next spec up as mine is only the base pack S model i think!!
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    I'm sure someone with a better knowledge will come along to answer for sure, but.....

    Its common practice to find the pigtail for the wiring to plug into under the seat - there is likely to be a small slit in the carpet, you are likely to find the wiring harness connecter there. As for the rear seat, its quite probable its different, as it folds in the hatch models. Have a look on the seat backs, if there is a button each end, just by the head rest, thats the button to fold the seat. Its not common practice for saloons to have folding rear seats, but its not unheard of.. Another clue is if its split, as the hatch is a 60/40 split.
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    Don't be easily beaten, It sounds a lot harder than it is, I once fitted an entire leather interior over including powering the driverseat on a 406 in the dark in under a hour
    That was just a base model with no loom under the driverseat, I have swapped the hatchback rear back leather over to a saloon in the past aswell on a Mondeo, it was slightly saggier but you couldn't tell
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    Although I do like the car, for what i paid for it, it really isn't worth putting in the time and effort. Especially when i can pick up a slightly newer se exec with full leather interior for £400 tops with T+T. On the plus side though I am glad I bought the Accord as I like the drive and the comfort it provides and I've finally found something the mrs likes to drive and feels safe in as well.

    So thats the plan for now, do the maintainance issues that are appearing with this one while saving and looking for the right se exec and then sell this one to cover the new one.

    Thanks all for your replies, they were helpful.
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    Sounds like a plan, I get where your coming from, My wife's mate has an S spec and she's always moaning how mine is more posher