Electrical & Lights Fitting reversing sensors to a 2007 Accord Tourer

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    Hi Guys

    I am new here but hope you can help.

    I am fitting the Steel Mate PTS400EX parking sensor kit to my 2007 Accord Tourer.

    Does anyone have a diagram of where the wiring loom runs as I need to tap into the feed for the reversing light.

    Thanks in advance
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    Thank Ichiban

    My problem is in locating the loom for the reversing light on the tourer.
    Removing bumper etc and installing the sensors is not a problem.
    My problem is that the kit uses 2 wires 1 connects to the feed for the Back-UpLlight and the other is the Earth connector, and the backup light is on the tailgate of the tourer.

    Does anybody know where I can get a workshop manual for a 2007 Tourer ?

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    The tap-out point for the tourer is over the OSR wheel arch. From here you'll find a wiring loom that carries the signals for the MICS amongst others. I think the wire you want is the green/white striped one (can't rember). You'll have to remove the interior trim from this side of the cabin.