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    So I know that this has been discussed to death in these forums but I have read most of the threads and my situation sort of sounds similar but isn't.

    a. Flat Spot:

    I have noticed that specially in 1st gear half throttle acceleration, just as I reach around 2500 there is a very noticeable gap in acceleration for a second and then it resumes with a lesser rate.

    b. Bucking at Low speeds:

    Also since last week the car seems to have started 'bucking' as many threads put it and finally I know what they meant. Happens mostly on part throttle, half clutch situations when crawling in London traffic. The acceleration is quite jerky and not linear making me look like a Learner! :Messed: EGR I have cleaned a few times, checked front and back plugs (2 of them at random) and they look fine so just wondering what could it be.
    The air filter is about 5000 miles old so don't suspect thats the cause.

    c. Noise Vibration Harshness

    Although there are no knocks or bangs in the suspension, on bad surfaces the car seems to let a lot of vibration in. I have driven a lower mileage Jazz of same age (53 Plate) and it felt much more compliant and softer than my one on same 15" alloys so I was wondering if I can do anything to improve the NVH?
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    a and b first things that come to mind are spark plugs, EGR, TB. You say you have checked spark plugs and they look OK on this front I would say sometimes you can't tell a bad spark plug just by looking at it. If you have a freind with the same car, try swapping over the complete set of spark plugs for a couple of week,see if you spot any improvement.

    EGR valve you say you have cleaned several times. Did you follow a know documented procedure for this or just take the EGR valve off and clean that ? What about all the path ways for the EGR, maybe they are blocked by carbon perhaps a more extensive clean is needed. Same applies for the Throttle Body, maybe it needs to be taken off completely for a thorough clean.

    If it's not EGR, TB or spark plugs, other things it could be is coilpacks, vacuum leak, fuel injectors, fuel filter, O2 sensor, MAF/MAP sensor.

    c NVH .. I think on your Jazz you have changed quite a few parts for after market ones, so maybe the extra harshness is coming from these non OEM parts. Or it could just be general wear from say worn shocks.

    Overall I'd it's easier to move your car on and get a replacement than try and troubleshoot tricky issues. I bet a new owner may not even notice the stuff that is bugging you.
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    A. & B Spark plugs are cheap with ECP codes so I can swap them out for about £12 and then see if that solves it. Also I think I might be blue to source a spare set of coil packs to test so will see if that changes anything.

    Yes I only cleaned EGR and never the plumbing and never took off the TB but is that I have the tools I will give it a go. Some flatspots were there but the bucking has recently started. Maybe time to switch to BP for a few weeks.

    C. Haha yeah I know I'm nitpicking here .. it's not too much of a bother but in my Yaris I found a pair of rear shocks for £12 and that did wonders to the ride quality so was thinking on those terms that maybe if I swap some stuff for less used ones for cheap that may improve the ride.

    I am already tempted to swap the Jazz for an LPG accord in a few months time so who knows ;D