Flickering Head Lights on a 2007 Legend

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    United Kingdom Freddie Barnet
    I have a 2007 Legend fully loaded. Notice at night with headlights on they constantly flicker.
    Seems to be a regular problem with Honda cars, I am ex motor trade with tools so can easily check battery output and alternator. Any suggestions? Thanks. Freddie.
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    England Dave Birmingham
    They haven't been changed for LED without the resistors have they?
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    You could try a new lamp in one & see what happens.

    Failing that, it could be failing ballasts.
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    My flickering was cured by new bulbs
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    United Kingdom Freddie Barnet
    Many thanks to all the members who kindly offered support and suggestions.
    As it was a nice day put my tester on the battery. without ignition was showing 12.45.
    Under a full load A/C included shows 14.75. So nothing seems wrong with alternator.
    It is the offside outer headlight on main beam or dipped which flickers.
    Gave the outer casing and metalwork a few slaps. Seems to have cured it. Would think its a bad connection. Next time it goes to Honda Brayley in Enfield will ask to have it fixed. Wish I knew a reliable mechanic for Honda around EN4.
    Once again thanks to all the Karma members whom replied. Freddie {lotofrot}
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