Electrical & Lights Flickering Lights (In and out!)

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    Hey Guys,

    Was driving home tonight and realised that my lights were flickering slightly. It took me a while to notice, but the dash lights and brake lights were also flickering. Could this possibly be a loose alternator belt? or another issue somewhere?


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    There's a few things that you can check.

    I'll let this video save me some typing :-
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    Also, did you have your air conditioning running?
    This causes flickering lights as well.
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    Had a look at the video, but don't seem to have any of those issues. It does have aircon however i haven't used it as it needs charging!!
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    When you say they flicker, is it while driving or say while the engine is idling?
    do they do it when the engine is off, but the ignition is on?

    I have noticed that my interior lights (courtesy light) do this when the engine is running, but do not do this when the engine is off, but ignition is on. However this is only slightly and doesnt bother me too much.
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    Mine only flicker when the engine is running. Wwith both the alternator and battery being new (within the last couple of weeks!) i doubt it is a mechanical problem with them.

    Went for a drive tonight and decided i would put everything on and turn one item off at a time to see if it made any difference.
    After a while the problem went, but it wasnt down to any of the buttons that i had pressed.

    So i turned everything off again and it slowly crept back. That says to me it is some sort of charging issue!

    I then sat there with the lights on for 5 mins and the engine off and the problem went then slowly came back!

    And finally! If i rev the flashing is faster!
    What do you guys reckon? I will measure the voltages again at some point over the next couple of days, incase when i measured them it was having an "ok moment"

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    seens strange that to be honest, I would check all of the earths/grounds on or near the engine, engine bay and battery for corrosion and damage, as well as the wiring to and from the battery and alternator. The alternator is earthed through the engine, IIRC this has one earth point on the passengers side engine mount and the other is mounted to the gearbox on the drivers side. and then a third direct from the battery to the slam panel.
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    Hi all,,
    Sorry its taken me a while to reply- I've been away for a while.

    Today I managed to get my voltmeter on the Alternator when the battery was at 12.2V. What I noticed was that the voltage slowly (over a minute) rose to 15V, which caused the car's idle to jump about abit, the lights to flash and the voltage to drop down to 14.9V and the process to repeat itself!

    Do you think this a voltage Regulator problem? I checked the earths but they are all ok!
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    The alternator seems to be overcharging to me, max it should be is about 14v. So yeah seems to be voltage regulator. I'll check my alternator as well to see what it is putting out.


    Just checked what my alternator is putting out, 14.31v which is about normal, near 15v though that's overcharging the battery, and could damage it. If you can perhaps look for a used alternator in your local scrappy, 1.8 and 2 litre and I think the 2.3 are all the same. Shouldn't be much and to be honest not really heard of honda alternators going bad too often. There are places that can rebuild them for you, the one nearest to me charged £50 for one on my previous vauxhall.
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    Hi Guys! Just to let you know I have changed the Alternator for one from a Scrap Dealers (Cost me £40!). Took me a couple of hours and is all sorted! Thanks for all your help guys!!
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