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    I have recently discovered a complete fog light loom from an Integra DC5 on ebay, purchased it as it looked pretty similar to an accord one, I know the fog light plugs are different and can change them but and this is the but.

    Do intry an accord loom (the inside car bit I need is obsolete so its really down to scrap yards) or do I modify the Integra loom, vs try and resell the loom to get as much money back as possible?
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    Sorry Gareth, I didn't understand what you are trying to do ?
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    I want to add fog lights to my car, the loom from honda has been discontinued, well some of it has.
    there are two parts, an engine bay side and a part that plugs into the fusebox of the car and has thr switch on ut.

    this thrn plugs into two existing plugs under the dash, which comes out under the drivers headlight, where the engine bay loom plugs.

    what I have bought is the loom from an Integra DC5, which is similar, but not the same.

    do I modify the Integra loom to fit, or do I wait untill the 1 section of loom that I need and fits the accord becomes available feom say a scrap yard.
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    unless of course someone knows where to get the genuine loom from or wants to part with one that they have.
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    Bets bet is probably scrappers, or try ebay, there is always breaking cars and if you contact the seller and ask if they have the part they tend to respond.
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    Got someone on the case at the moment.