General Fog lights and DRL's.

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    Nick Derby
    This is one thing I can not understand, and maybe someone here can shed some light on it (sic).

    How are DRL (daylight running lights) legal (and a legal requirement on new cars) when they are easily 50-100% more dazzling than ANY factory fitted foglights I have ever seen? I swear they are dangerous, yet the police round here waste no time in pulling over foglight abusers. (I don't do it myself, they get used only when the conditions require it). It's daft.
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    Blame the red-tape enthusiasts sitting in Brussels making up needless laws in their sleep...
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    I don't find DRL intrusive at all nor find any standard DRL dazzling me's just car fashion and its here to stay like or hate it.
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    I swapped out the H1 bulbs in my fog lights and fitted connections for some HB4 bulbs so I could run them as running lights

    Also tinted them yellow for extra scene points :Wink:
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    Nick Derby
    I should be more specific in pointing out it's the horrid LED strip lights that are fitted standard on the French cars and apparently attractive as aftermarket fitments; not the decent standard fits (part of the HL cluster/sidelights) from, for instance Seat or Volvo.