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    So I got my footwell lighting kit today, seemed simple enough. All I had to do is connect the +ve and -ve wires to the cigarette lighter adaptor and hopefully everything would work. However it only shone for 2 seconds before the fuse blew :Angry:. I assume either I did something wrong or the manufacturer is at fault.

    The fuse for the cig lighter was also the fuse for the audio system and seeing as I had a long journey ahead I needed both. I didn't have any fuses left so I removed one for heated seats which is a function I don't have and used it in place of the audio fuse. My mate said it would be better if I replaced the missing fuse immediately even though the function wasn't built into my car, is this true?

    Furthermore I'd like any recommendations for footwell lighting kits, preferably with cig lighter adaptors as I'm useless when it comes to tapping into the electrical system.

    Many thanks guys
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    I take it these footwell lights are Led's? any other electrical appliance plumbed into the cigarette lighter feed?
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    Nope, I might buy a splitter in the future, but the more I think about it, I need a fuse for the led lights which is probably why the fuse is blowing. I'm absolutely horrendous when it comes to electricals though, haven't touched a circuit board since GCSEs and even then I managed to electrocute myself. I have contacted the seller and will update as I work it out.
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    Okay turns out I did everything correctly and that the unit was at fault. I've just fitted a new set and it looks fantastic. I'll upload pics soon guys.

    On another note, is it legal to drive with the footwell lighting on (static)?
    Also do I have to note it on insurance as it is plugged into the cig lighter socket so technically it is an accessory as opposed to a permanent item?