Autocar Ford and GM in deal to build nine and 10-speed autos

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    ford-ranger-11. Rivals join forces to create a new range of efficient 9- and 10-speed autos A new family of super-efficient, multi-speed automatic transmissions is being jointly developed by Ford and GM. It will be launched in front and rear-wheel-drive cars sold worldwide beyond 2015.
    The programme, which began early this year, follows a period of ‘first principles’ research that suggests a new generation of conventional automatics can match the much-praised efficiency and versatility of the range of dual-clutch gearboxes adopted almost wholesale by the Volkswagen Group marques over the past five years.
    Reports from the US suggest Ford will be in charge of developing a 10-speed transmission range for use in trucks, SUVs and performance cars, while GM will be responsible for a nine-speed gearbox suitable for more compact, transverse front-wheel-drive applications.
    The gearboxes will be made unique to each maker’s separate model range thanks to unique control software.
    Insiders working on the project say that the multi-speed designs will bring “new and worthwhile” cuts in CO2 and fuel consumption, while maintaining good performance from downsized engines.
    In most modes of use, the multi-speed automatics are expected to be virtually as fuel efficient as — and much smoother than — conventional manual transmissions.
    The GM-Ford gearbox project is expected to mean that existing hardware using different technology (such as Ford’s dual-clutch Powershift gearbox) will remain current for the next three or four years, but will not be joined by similar gearboxes in the future.
    The cooperation is expected to bring considerable design and development savings to both Ford and GM.
    In the first half of 2013, Chrysler will begin to roll out a ZF-developed nine-speed automatic across its range. Honda is also understood to be working on its own nine-speed transmission.

  2. Environmental issues very much driving the agenda nowadays.
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    Its the same as the 70's C02 is everything until the world economy picks up.