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    Hi Guys,

    Found a 55 plate 2.0 Manual Ex Saloon with 74k on the clock. From a dealer in the westcountry for £4995 (seems roughly the going rate from a dealer) comes with a warranty and full service history.
    After looking through some posts on here I gather the petrol units are pretty robust, so presumably the mileage isn't too high? I have ascertained from here that the rear brakes and front suspension are weak points, anything else (other than the usual)?
    Also what sort of MPG can I expect?

    Thanks in advance,

  2. You might do better than that if you keep looking

    If you can get the facelift model it would be better as it is an improved spec and irons out some earlier issues

    I see there is a 56 reg 2.4 in Bristol for £5.5k with about the same mileage

    You are right about those two things being issues but even then neither is mega money to fix

    Look for good history and a tidy car and keep your eyes and ears open
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    2.4 might be a tad thirsty for our needs, though I bet it's good fun to drive. What sort of mileage can you rack up the 2.0 units? I'd be looking to keep the car for 5 years and putting on ~10k per year. Am I being realistic looking at cars with over 70k?
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    if you are buying a Accord which has crossed 70K miles ensure it 6th service has been done, It a major service and the cost of servicing the vehicle is expensive.

    That the time people start to part with it, Cliff as done the valve lash and fuel filter change threads, Spark Plug, MTF and brake fluid have been covered by me so if you are handy with spanner you can save a few pennies.
  5. Yes it is perfectly realistic, I did about 143k miles in my 6th Generation Accord and the engine was same as ever, and I've seen them go over 200k. The simple trick is frequent oil changes, anything between 3k and 6k say, but don't leave it 12.5k as per the official schedule.
  6. Yes I have some threads just search for them.
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    Thanks guys, I'll ask to see receipts of the servicing. MTF = Manual Transmission Fluid? I'm a fan of frequent oil changes anyway. Realistically what MPG will the 2.0 return?
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    In city driving the car will deliver a 34 MPG long runs a 39-42 MPG easily.
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    Went to view the car today, seemed very tidy. Only thing that concerned me was that the biting point on the clutch seemed rather high, though it didn't slip. Is this something I should be concerned about or is it just my unfamiliarity with the car.
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    What's the mileage on it bud? high is okish but too low is a work pressure plate.
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    Hi Steve

    You are making a great choice of car but I think you could prob find a bit better deal or definately negotiate on price.

    I recently bought a 2.0 i-VTEC Exec on an 05 plate - 1 owner with FHSH and 49k miles.

    I paid £4995 with a full set of brand new Pirellis - the car also came with a sticking rear brake caliper which the guy paid for me to have a recon fitted. Now it drives FAB!

    And to top it all just look at that special front end .... ummmmm! Good luck with your purchase.

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    Its done 74k, he wants £4,600 comes with 12 month warranty. Only other concern is that the transmission fluid wasn't changed on its service last year which was its major one. Other than those minor quibbles I was very impressed with it, very good condition.
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    Well, picked up the Accord last week. I am thrilled with it, quiet and smooth with a surprising amount of pull.
  14. Ichiban Founder Staff Team

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    Great news!
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    sounds great! you will love it, i have had my accord for just over 2 weeks now and its awesome! can't expect any less from a Honda! (it does ride a little high for my liking though lol) :Grin:
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    My other car is a 350z, so it does seem quite high to me too. That said, I love it, feels so well screwed together and refined.
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    Another happy Accord owner, top job ! :Thumbup: