Suspension, Steering and Brakes Four-Wheel Laser Alignment - Rear Camber Issue?

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    Took my Accord Tourer 2.0 2004 for a 4-wheel alignment, it was pulling a bit to the left [passenger] side.

    I was right, a bit of a deviation from Honda spec. The garage had a Hunter Laser machine, alignment was done and it appears clear in green on the final sheet.

    A good surprise is that the guy inspected the underside and it looks great, no damage, rust or anything particularly tragic.

    A not so good surprise is the rear wheel on the passenger side [left rear]... Only red in the final sheet, the guy showed it as a very small camber deviation but he told me rear camber cannot be adjusted.

    So, if it cannot be adjusted, what do I do? True enough, tyre excess wear is ever so slight and the deviation is minimal but enough to be detected by the alignment computer. How do I resolve it?
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    Could you please scan the copy of the readout , blanking all your details please?
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    Hi, will do in the morning. Don't have a scanner but have an excellent camera, so I can take a good JPEG of it and blank details in my Photoshop. :Smile:
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    The Tourer does not have major issues on the rear tyre wear, but if the previous owner has been moving the rear subframe to get the car aligned albeit crabbing then we have issues.

    Let not jump to conclusions let see the alignment sheet to get a clearer picture?
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    'Morning :Smile:

    Here it is, done yesterday morning:

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    The camber is out but that could be down to a weak rear left strut or a faulty left drop link. I have too noticed a similar situation on my 2.0 tourer but when I upgraded the suspension from stock to Aspec the left wheel came into spec after the new struts all round.

    The good thing is your adjustable rear toe is balanced on both ends so the tyre wear will be negligible is toe is spot on. I won't be too overly bothered at this moment in time that graph is consistent with the age of the car.
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  7. Just to widen the scope of this thread a little because I'm not sure if this has been dealt with elsewhere on the forum as yet...I understand there is a pre-facelift rear camber issue resulting in excessive inner tyre wear which is curable by using suspension arms which are a slightly different length than those fitted at the factory...does that only affect the saloon?...and when would fitting new arms be appropriate?
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    Thank you both Sayama and Ichiban for your comments and sharing your knowledge.:Smile:

    This confirms what the guy at the garage said, though I would like to resolve the matter in the near future, just to keep the car within spec.

    I was checking this issue and it appears that replacing some parts in the rear wheels does resolve the issue. The guy at the garage made a comment which only now is sinking in as I read your posts... He said that a lower arm or an upper arm [I can't remember exactly what he said] is prone to a slight twist if subject to a slightly bigger ireegularity on the roads and this can cause the camber to fall out of spec. I would imagine he meant something like a pot hole or a speed control bump, for example.

    I have a bigger job to pay for very shortly [the clutch is a bit worn so I am going to get it done at Honda with a genuine Honda clutch], but since I have the alloys to restore [just scuffs and such, going for a full sand blast and renew the powder coating], I might consider replacing the rear suspension where needed, maybe not the entire suspension system... Not sure.

    The issue is going to be whether I should go again for Honda parts in regards to rear suspension or change to something permanently adjustable.
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    Hi LJG, as Sayama and Ichiban have said I wouldn't be overly worried about that small deviation from spec. Many members who have lowered their car run massive camber on the rear. Yes the tyres wear quicker on theirs (running -3! camber) so yours it'll be negligable. It would probably cost you more in parts to solve the problem than the slightly premature wear.

    As for which parts I'd only ever go OEM. Always better quality.
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    Hi Paul,

    Thanks. I agree, it is only such a small deviation the impact on tyres will be almost unnoticeable. It has no effect on driving/handling whatsoever either.

    If I decide to get it done, I'll go OEM. I agree with yout you said, that's what I am doing with the clutch, OEM at Honda.