Electrical & Lights FR-V Alternator removal

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    Anyone have experience of removing an alternator from an FR-V I-CTDI?

    Will I have enough space to get it out or do I need to remove the radiator/fans?


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    I don't recall anyone mentioning doing one on an FR-V on here.

    I'll have a search.

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    Can't find any previous threads one this. We'll see if we can find some documented procedures for you.
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    I will do you a guide on the proviso you do a follow up with actual pictures and real life scenario. The alternator change on the FR-V is full on and lot of dismantling so be prepared to take it on.

    I will wait for your response
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    Thanks for the offer ichiban. I've done some preliminary investigations and removal of cross member covering the radiator should cover it.

    I changed to the new belt as soon as I got the car but the alty must have been on it's way out already.

    I'll try and and take lots of pics! :Hey:
  5. Ichiban Founder Staff Team

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    Here you go its slightly different to the accord due to the engine bay design.

    Before you start the removal

    Make sure you have the anti-theft codes for the radio and the navigation system, if you have radio presets remember them or write them down.
    Disconnect the negative cable from the battery first, then disconnect the positive cable.
    Remove the front grill cover.
    Remove the intake stay.

    1) Disconnect the hood switch connector (A), then remove the A/C condenser stay/rubber (B), radiator upper mount bracket/cushion (C), hood latch (D), left radiator upper mount bracket/cushion/rubber (E), and intercooler stay (F).

    AOCUK i-CTDi FR-V Alternator Removal 1.

    2) Remove the bulkhead (A), then remove the harness clamps (B).
    3) Remove the water bypass hose (C).
    AOCUK i-CTDi FR-V Alternator Removal 2.

    4)Disconnect the A/C condenser fan motor connector (A).
    5) Raise the vehicle on the hoist to full height.

    AOCUK i-CTDi FR-V Alternator Removal 3.

    6) Remove the splash shield.

    View attachment 10623

    7) Remove the harness clamps (A), then disconnect the radiator fan switch (Low) connector (B), radiator fan motor connector (C), and A/C compressor clutch connector (D).

    AOCUK i-CTDi FR-V Alternator Removal 5.

    8) Remove the two bolts, and loosen the two bolts securing the radiator fan shroud, then Move the radiator fan shroud assembly (H) to left side of the vehicle, then pull up it.

    AOCUK i-CTDi FR-V Alternator Removal 6.

    9) Remove the A/C compressor clutch connector (A) and water bypass pipe (B) from the A/C condenser fan shroud.
    10) Remove the two bolts (C), and loosen the two bolts (D) securing the A/C condenser fan shroud, then remove the A/C condenser fan shroud assembly (E).

    AOCUK i-CTDi FR-V Alternator Removal 7.
    11) Then remove the drive belt.
    12) First Remove the power steering fluid reservoir from the bracket, then remove the expansion tank bracket mounting bolts.

    AOCUK i-CTDi FR-V Alternator Removal 8.

    13) Move the auto-tensioner (A) with the belt tension release tool (B) to relieve tension from the drive belt, then remove the drive belt.

    AOCUK i-CTDi FR-V Alternator Removal 9.
    14)Disconnect the alternator connector (A) and BLK wire (B), and remove the harness clamp (C) from the alternator.

    AOCUK i-CTDi FR-V Alternator Removal 10.

    15)Remove the four bolts, then remove the alternator oil shield (A) and the alternator (B).

    View attachment 10630

    Installation in reverse of the above process.
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    Wow! Thanks for the guide Ichiban :Smile: . I intend on doing this on the weekend.
  7. Ichiban Founder Staff Team

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    No problem also check if you have the long belt if you do make sure you order the shorter one.
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    the nut on the auto-tensioner has rounded off on the corners so can't get it to shift to put the belt back on. any suggestions?
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    Next time mate use a long deep socket ring spanner this sort of damage can be averted. Glad you back on the road.:Thumbup:
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    Here's a quick, rough and ready guide to what I did - Thanks Ichiban for the guide above!

    disconnect battery
    Take off all the plastic screws that hold the cover on top of the radiator/bonnet latch. The whole thing will just come off once all the screws are removed.
    View attachment 10811
    Take off the drivers side wheel arch clip as well

    My oil sump tray was already removed from underneath but I still had to unclip the tray underneath the front bumper - i only took off the drivers side clips and peeled back for access. That was fine for me.
    View attachment 10823

    Begin unscrewing the 10mm bolts that hold in the metal cross member and attach the radiators to the cross member. I screwed some of the bolts back in once i had taken them off for safe keeping.

    View attachment 10824 IMG_2209. IMG_2210. IMG_2211. IMG_2212. View attachment 10829

    Once all the bolts are off the cross member will be loose, however the wiring loom is attached underneath, flip it over as much as you can and unplug the clips
    View attachment 10830 View attachment 10831 IMG_2216. IMG_2234.

    un-clip all the electrical connectors to the fans and bonnet latch

    IMG_2204. View attachment 10849 IMG_2220.

    Then it should lift off and you can place it to one side

    now remove the hoses connected to the top of the radiator and move them out of the way, also remove the inter-cooler hose. Al lot of water will come out when you remove the rad hoses. Remember to top up you water when putting it all back together.
    IMG_2222. IMG_2233. IMG_2236.

    Now unscrew the top 10mm bolts holding the fans, pull back the plastic and unscrew the bottom nuts. The passenger side is easy, I got my socket with an extension in through the holes in the plastic.
    IMG_2219. IMG_2228.

    Fans should just slide out now
    View attachment 10809

    At this point I removed my aux belt but the nut was totally sheared because of a poor quality spanner that I used. I removed the tensioner and replaced the sheared bolt , this time using this sealey extra long spanner to put the belt back on with another spanner connected for leverage. I kinda stopped taking too many pics at this point because of the nut issue had me preoccupied.
    I remove the alternator electrical connections and shield and 2 lower bolts and then popped the alternator out. it takes a bit of man-handling.
    IMG_2217. IMG_2240.
    put the new alternator in
    now put the aux belt back on and re-connect everything , top up your water - Job done.

    I started the car and the noise had gone! Used a voltmeter to check that the alternator was working as expected.

    Bought my alternator for alternator man on ebay for £135 he picked up my old one. In my opinion it's not worth buying a bearing as the clutch on the pulley is also known to go due to the stress of the longer belt. The refurbished OEM alternator had a new clutch and bearing.

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