Aftermarket Kit FR-V cruise control reto fit.

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    Hi everyone
    My FR-V is an se model and it does not have cruise control. I do a lot of driving and was thinking of having cruise control on my car. I have spent few quids on the with converting it to lpg. I am happy and i want to keep it for a while. Best of all my 2 daughters love it as they both sit next to me in the front and the wife at the back. I would really be grateful if anyone please him me on this issue. I thank you all in advance.
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    Adding an aftermarket cruise is really dependent on the design of the throttle. If its an electronic throttle pivot do a throttle control and cruise unit which is really easy to fit almost plug and play. If it has a cable from the accelerator pedal to the throttle it is much more involved and will probably need custom brackets made. Anyway I did add cruise to my StepWGN but it is the electronic type throttle. The Pivot unit I only found in Japan and had to proxy buy and ship, I have see the Rostra units on ebay and Amazon.

    Rostra 250-1223 Universal Cruise Control System
    3-drive · α (3DA/3DA-B/3DA-C) | Throttle Controller with AUTO CRUISE Control | PIVOT
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    I think it maybe a cable throttle, the diesel FR-V has cruise control, won't you be able to take it off one of them and put it in yours?
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    A heavy brick will do also do the same thing .. I will get me coat.... :facepalm:
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    I guess you might be able to adapt the parts from a FR-V that had CC as standard, but it would take a lot of work.

    Purely for interest, there's a guy on another Honda forum that offers this service for Civics... fitting OEM cruise control 2.2 - Civinfo
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    Can't get details of this guy on the link
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    You'd need to be a member of the Civinfo forum to contact him... I am a member, so if you'd like to PM me your contact details then I can contact him and pass on your details. But I'm not sure he can can help you, I linked that thread just to let you know this sort of retro-fit can, and has been, done on other Honda models.