General FR-V Door Card Removal Guide

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    Looked online and couldn't find one, and I know it's a easy job but a lot of people (like me) like assurance they're not going to break anything and know what they getting into ahead of time.

    Remove the 3 screws from under the covers on the door handle housing and armrest.
    “Pop” out the door handle housing. Leave it loose there for now - no need to try and disconnect it.
    photo 1.JPG

    Prise up where shown and get your fingers behind the door card. Give it a good pull. There are clips along the sides and bottom (about 6) just pull and they will pop out.
    photo 2.JPG

    Carry on pulling round the bottom of the door, as below. At this point just lift the door card UP, and off the top lip of the door metal.
    photo 3.JPG

    The door handle housing fits through the door card, without having to disconnect anything so the handle will still work. just leave it hanging or you can screw it back in while you work.
    Disconnect the mirror connection on the armrest. Job Done.
    photo 5.JPG
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    Nice write up Ben, I've just done one of these on my 6th Generation too after my exterior door handle broke!
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    I'm with you on researching a new job before I start taking things apart.
    If needs must, then yes, dive straight in, but only when you have to.

    As you do more, you gain experience and confidence.

    Good clear write up.
    You in turn will help others who didn't know how to do this. :Smile:
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    Thanks for this super detailed guide made it really simple to get off , like you said without breaking anything... Superb stuff
    Kind regards Ali:Hey:
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    Hi guys. Are the photos still there? Can’t see them. Need to remove passanger and front and rear pannels.
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    There is an on going issue with pictures not being displayed.
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    Thanks. Hope it’s sorted out