Exhaust System FR-V exhaust joiner problems...

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    Not sure if this is already covered here - the centre joint on my FR-V started to blow. Had a look under the car at the join - and all three of the nuts had come off the studs - not only that the movement in the joint had obviously been moving - and the studs had worn the holes away in the other half - meaning they were no longer holes - just very worn elongated slots......easy enough to fix if you don't mind the joint being welded shut (driving around with Mole Grips also works - but probably not to MOT standard!!)

    Happened suddenly with no warning - might be worth checking on yours.........the holes on the RH pipe as below ended up almost completely worn away.

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    You mean like this? They are supposed to be like this ;D
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    Yes - similar to that - but completely worn away - there was nothing left on the RHS to bolt to - the picture you show has the correct shape - that is not what I am referring to.....the studs on the LHS were there - totally worn - and a complete PITA to remove - solid.....nuts had disappeared......even with new studs - basically nothing to grip to on the RHS part - as mentioned - looked like they were worn away by the studs moving......

    As mentioned - if this is well known - just I have never seen it.......