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    Hi peolple i'm new to this so please be gentle with me, i have just brought a 2.2 diesel FR-V in silver with the blue cloth trim and walnut dash, although it's a very nice looking car theres a few bits that i would like to change and would like to know where to start they are listed below:
    1:Removal of the walnut dash,(what are my colour options as standard or do i get it sprayed or hydro wrapped)
    2:Grin:ouble din replacement but keeping the steering wheel controls. (what parts are needed how hard to change)
    3:I have seen a mod on here so that when you lock the car the mirrors fold in. ( parts needed for this)
    is there any one located around the kent area to have a chin wag with about this.
    Cheers for reading
    if i've put it in the wrong section could you please move to where i could get some results.
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    Hello and Welcome to HK Martin. Please add your vehicle to the garage section so we all can see.
    Regards to mods that mentioned.. there are quite a few FR-V owners around who will be able to help you better but this project will get you started nicely I think.. .
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