Bulletins & Advisories FR-V Replacement headlight brackets

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    Honda issued the following TSB# HUK000000000660 dated 07-09-05

    The headlights of the FR-V have specially designed brackets. In a light collision, these brackets will break before any other part of the headlight.
    A set of replacement brackets are available as service part.

    A = Top bracket
    B = Lower bracket
    C = Top side bracket, not available as service part because of certification marks.

    1. Remove the headlight.
    2. Cut off the remains of the broken bracket and sand the surface with #400-paper.
    3. Install the new brackets with the screws supplied with repair kit.
    Bracket A
    Bracket B
    Parts information
    06100-SJD-J01 - Kit, right headlight mounting leg A
    06150-SJD-J01 - Kit, left headlight mounting leg A
    06100-SJD-J11 - Kit, right headlight mounting leg B
    06150-SJD-J11 - Kit, left headlight mounting leg B
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