ICE & HFT FR-V SE Stereo faulty

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    I have just bought an 05 plate 2.0SE FR-V.

    On the long drive down from Aberdeen where I bought the car, I noticed that the Speakers seem to distort when turned up to a decent motorway listening volume. The head unit is a single CD unit.

    It doesn't appear to be just one of the speakers, as changing the balance to either side and the distortion still seems to be there.

    So is the standard Honda stereo or speakers just rubbish, or could it be knackered speakers or a dodgy headunit. Does the SE have the same unit/speakers as the Sport?

    I noticed that some FRVs have a CD changer head unit built into the dash too.

    Are the facelift models the same, will a face lift CD changer head unit go into my 05 model and allow me to add an Aux socket?

    Are any of the other Honda models headunits/speakers compatible?

    I've upgraded stereos and speakers in the past, and while the FR-V dash board looks a real challenge, I'm not against upgrading the speakers or replacing/upgrading the stereo if required.

    Sorry for all the questions, but I love my music, and a good internet search hasn't answered them!
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    Could be any number of problems you have suggested. Trying new speakers would be the cheapest thing to replace first.
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    If you do give it a go at pulling the head unit, I'd love to hear how you manage it. I too find the stock one a little underpowered, and it does indeed distort a bit at any appreciable volume. As an interim - I find dropping the bass a little to -1 or -2 will help, and max treble. At least that way you can get the volume over 18 without so much distortion.

    I guess it's actually the amp in the head unit being a little weedy. New speakers might help a bit, but I've not fancied pulling off the door cards to mess around...easier to live with it.
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    I don't think getting the door cards off is too difficult, especially when compared to getting the stereo out! I've found a YouTube video that shows how to get the door panel off a CR-V which looks pretty similar.
    i have found mention of removing the F-RV stereo, but no decent description, diagram or video. :Frown:
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    Sounds like a good opportunity for you to do a DIY Guide and qualify for our monthly DIY guide award :Smile:
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    I'd be more than happy to do a DIY guide, but I really have no idea where to start with taking the dashboard apart. I think it's pretty telling that no one else appears to have done one!
  7. SpeedyGee Administrator Staff Team

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    I usually just feel my way around, things are held in with either screws/bolts or clips.

    But I appreciate that not everyone is conformtable taking that approach.

    Just takes one brave person to be the first to do it :Smile:
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    Thing is, it seems so well screwed together! I found a thread where a guy had spent ages just trying to get the centre storage box out, and the pictures of the box once he had finished made it look like he was Jack the Ripper!

    There is another thread on here which I am awaiting a reply from the OP who says he got the stereo out using diagrams from a dealer.
  9. Ichiban Founder Staff Team

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    Here you go his how you remove the central unit.

    How to remove dashboard centre Middle Panel ?
    For cars without seat heater: Open the centre pocket (A), and detach the clips by pulling the pocket out, then remove it Take care not to scratch the dashboard and related parts.Do not pry the panel surface with any tools to prevent damage.
    For cars with seat heater: Detach the clips, and release the retaining tabs (A), then pull the seat heater switch panel (B) out. Disconnect the seat heater switch connectors (C) and detach the harness clip (D).
    Pull out along the lower edge of the dashboard centre middle panel (A) by hand to release the lower clips (B, C) and the lower and side hooks (D).

    Pull out along the upper edge of the dashboard centre middle panel (A) to detach the clips, then pull the panel back.
    Disconnect the climate control panel connector (A), and hazard warning switch connector (B), then remove the dashboard centre middle panel (C). Install the panel in the reverse order of removal, and note these items: Make sure each connector is plugged in properly. Replace any damaged clips with new ones. Push the clips into place securely.
    How to remove Dashboard cup holders?
    Remove these items in this order
    Centre lower panel – instruction not give as it’s the same principle as removing the middle panel.
    Dashboard centre lower cover not give as it’s the same principle as removing the middle panel.
    Remove the screws (A) and clip (B) securing the beverage holder (C).
    Dashboard cup holders image1.JPG
    Remove the beverage holder (A).
    Install the beverage holder in the reverse order or removal, and replace the clip if it is damaged.
    Dashboard cup holders image2.JPG
    Then start to remove the unit
    Remove the two bolts (A) from the audio unit (B).
    Disconnect the connectors (C) from the audio unit.
    Install in the reverse order of removal.
    Dashboard cup holders image2.JPG

    Put on gloves to protect your hands.
    Take care not to scratch the dashboard and related parts.
    Lay a workshop towel under the parts when working on them to protect the face panel from scratches or other damage.
    Do not work in a dusty or dirty place.
    Discharge static electricity from your body before and during the work.
    Do not work with dirty hands.

    Also have a look at these thread for some guidance.
    Guides - FR-V dash-board cubby hole removal?

    Show Us Your Car - FR-V Owners Thread | Page 2
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    There you go Emeye, all the info you need.

    Now we just need a DIY guide from you :Wink:
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    Mucho gracias amigos!:Thumbup:

    Just what I needed. I also found this which should help:
    Honda FR-V - double DIN frame for after market head units

    - - - Updated - - -

    And the OP finally replied to this thread which has helped too!

    Now all I need is some/lots of time to have a go and put together a DIY guide! :Blink:
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    Hi All, First of all great guide by IchibanAccord, I was so pleased to find it after buying Honda FR-V over the weekend with a faulty CD-changer.
    Without the guide I would be lost. Some steps were slightly different (extra screw) and I wasn't aware how much force is required to pull the items out. The killer were the two bolts holding the radio/cd changer part, they would not move. and I didn't put gloves on :Frown:
    Now the CDs are out and will be posting them the previous owner, but I don't think the cd changer will work again (it is still out) but it looked properly stuck to me.
    I would like to know if there is a way to check/fix the cd chager and if somebody ever managed to fix it. I read a lot recently about the cd changer and it looks a weak point on many Hondas.
    What I also found and I would like your advice on is Yatour YT-MT06, which is MP3/USB/Sd card digital music changer. USB car stereo adapter-Honda Acura Yatour Digital CD Changer
    As I have most of my music on usb as MP3 I wondered if somebody ever tried it and if it worked? Cheaper solution than to get an ordinary 6CD changer.
    Also if the cd changer is faulty, the problem was that I was not able to change to CD/Aux, will the Yatour work? I would imagine it should.
    Sorry for long post. I will probably buy the Yatour so I will give you my views when it arrives.
    Any other suggestion re aftermarket stereo please let me know.
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    Check out my pictoral guide uploaded a few days ago. :Thumbup:
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    Very good DIY guide indeed colinbos. Camera on my mobile was faulty when I did my dashboard otherwise I would have done it as well.
  15. craighere Junior Member ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

    Thanks guys, found this really useful
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    Its my first post to forum and sorry for my quite bad english.

    Ichiban post that great pics for removing the central unit. But i can't see first four pics of em. Could anyone post those pics again or something. I have FR-V 2005 2.0l gas and it has coins inside the cd-changer and changer is broken. Thanks mates.
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    I'm not sure what's happened to those pics but have you looked at the threads that @Ichiban pointed to at the bottom of that post?
  18. Ichiban Founder Staff Team

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    I have fixed the images for you.
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    hi guys,

    just saw this 2 awesome diagram on FR-V dash removal, on internet, just want to share it with u lot, enjoy