Service & Maintenance FR-V service manual / alarm installation

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    FR-V service manual / alarm installation, UPDATE: immobilizer problem!

    Hello, new (6 months) CTDi owner here.

    Is there any service/workshop manual for FR-V?
    Any other Honda model manuals compatible?

    I wish to install adaptive car alarm and don't know where to find wires etc.
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    As it is impossible to find shop manual for FR-V, I just took my car to car security workshop.
    They connected shock trigger and interior ultrasound sensors to original alarm system (which I thought wasn't even there).
    Also they disconnected that thing which disables the alarm system when unlocking the door with a key.

    Few days after the immobilizer gone mad - the green key icon blinks when the car is locked.
    When I unlock the door sometimes it stops blinking (1 in 10 times usually), but mostly i doesn't.
    It's pretty random.
    And, obviously, I can't start the car when it's blinking because of the fuel pump block.

    I took the car to those guys again to check everything.

    I've read (on Honda Element forum though) that they have the same problem and the culprit usually are relays, fuses, corroded contacts or some cracked solder behind the instrument panel.