Aftermarket Kit FR-V Stereo Upgrade

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    First post so be gentle...

    The FR-V has an ok stereo but lacks real punch or power, I was wondering if anyone had upgraded the speakers to comps or is it the head unit that is the limiting factor.

    I have seen the honda replacement facia to allow a standard double din unit to be fitted but its more work (and money) than i really want to take on.

    Any C+C welcome.


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    Welcome along Big Joe. We're always gentle around here :Smile:

    Hopefully someone with an FR-V will be along soon to advise you on your speaker/stereo question.
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    Thanks Mr Gee, I have noticed a distinct lack of FR-V owners (probably because not very many were sold) so info is a bit thin on the ground.

    I have had many Accords and Civics in the past so I am used to the usual Honda quirks like making sure there is oil in the engine etc...

    I hope to contribute as much as I can in the FR-V section....

    - - - Updated - - -

    Does anyone know the speaker size in the front of the FR-V and I'll start looking at replacements!
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