Aftermarket Kit FR-V Towbar and Parking Sensors

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    United Kingdom David Sheffield
    Sadly our FR-V doesn’t have the factory fitted roof rails, so I had been looking at the various Honda/ third party options to carry additional luggage and/or cycles. Although I really wanted to go with roof options I’ve been put off by the cost of any half-decent components and the risk of fitting everything up to the roof on my own.

    Anyway, to cut a long story short I decided to plump for towbar mounted options so needed to get a towby fitted. Needless to say, the official Honda fitted kit is mega-bucks as far as I’m concerned and although Honda did offer a third party kit for fairly sensible £££, I’ve managed to get a Bosal kit fitted at a very reasonable price with a local fitter, freeing up funds for a cycle carrier and rear mount storage kit.

    For reference, this is a fixed swan neck towbar and it does NOT interfere with the parking sensors, well at least without the standard ball-cap on! I had to rely on the experience of the fitter in this regard as nearly all other places would only fit a detachable unit due to the sensors, which bumped the price up a bit.

    So for reference, anybody looking to fit a fixed swan neck towbar to an FR-V with sensors, it can be done!


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    Pleased that you have found a solution. :Grin:
    Thanks for posting, as this will help others.
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    Good share mate
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    Thanks for sharing this info David, hope this helps others :Thumbup:
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    Avec des velos..
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    Pete Lincs
    Excellent solution. I went for a flange type Witter towbar so I could use the Maxxrax bike carrier I already had, then again I don't have reversing sensors.
    It worries me that some people are using strap on carriers on the rear hatch of FR-Vs, even though Honda say specifically that you can't.
    I thought it was only BMW and Audi drivers that were exempt from all rules/laws!

    Pete C.
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