Body, Paint & Styling FR-V Washer Jets

Discussion in '1st Generation (2004-2011)' started by bigjoe, Wednesday 6th Nov, 2013.

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    Have a small issue with my washer jets, the jet on the drivers side is missing the diffuser? so the water instead comes out in a stream...also the rear doesnt work at all (although you can hear the motor going)

    I reckon i have a blockage or some gunk my tank....any ideas if its easy to remove the tank or to drain and clean it in situe?

    Also are the jet easily removed and replaced if so how?
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    Hi what do you mean by missing the diffuser? can you take a picture so we can see this . When you operate the rear on can you hear for the motor whirring at all?

    lastly are you sure you have sufficient fluid in the washer bottle?
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    sorry i'm only coming back to this now....the diffuser in the centre of the jet at spreads the water over the screan is missing. so now the water comes out at not very high pressure but with a thick stream instead.

    Back makes noise but nothing comes out
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    I had something similar. Just get a small screw driver with some masking tape over the end. Buy a new one for ~£15 from Honda .Pop the sucker out by prying at the edges then twist it off and push in the new one. Easy!

    2013-06-06 21.40.25.
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    About that possible dirt blocking the jets, after cleaning the jets put a filter between the hose somewhere before the jets.
    After that you won't have any problems anymore.
    I have used these at least in three of my previous cars, have one in my Legend and one in our Voyager now, these are "moped" fuel filters.