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    United Kingdom Andy Aberfoyle
    Reading the Bodgeing Thread earlier I was thinking back to this vid.

    I just admire the fearless can-do work ethic when risk assessment and hi-vis didn't get in the way of a hard days graft several hundred feet up a chimney, swinging on a rope. Flat cap, cravat and a woodbine - I'm off t'work.

    I'd never take anyone seriously these days who claim to have had a hard day in the office :lol:

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    Matt Peterborough
    Fred Dibnah is a Legend. Who needs a hard hat when you've got a flat cap. Watching his demolish chimneys by setting them on fire would give H&S a coronary these days.

    It takes a special kind of person to climb 200 feet up a chimney without a rope. He was being very modest when he said a chimney can sway a couple of inches in a strong wind. It's more like several feet! That's quite an interesting video to see how it used to be done.

    You can't compare office work to doing that it's a different type of work entirely, ones physical the others mental. Watching him do that, to us these days, seems like what he's doing is very hard work. But to him, who did that all his life, it was nothing special. A lot of people used to do that back in them days.
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    United Kingdom Mike Telford
    The chap filming Fred on the scaffolding must have a bit of bottle too?
    On one of Freds programs it showed him going up a church spire which was pretty tall and very thin at the top and some poor film camera man was sent up on to the very point to show Fred emerging from the much wider part of the steeple . I am not afraid of heights but I think I will stick with filming my grand kids at ground level!
    Mike c