Wanted Frequency Solenoid Valve

Discussion in 'Parts & Accessories' started by Zebster, Tuesday 9th Aug, 2016.

  1. Zebster Guest

    Does anyone have one of these for a pre-facelift diesel Accord? It's a Denso 446 type.

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    He he. My parts department has :PullFaces:
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  3. Zebster Guest

    Yes, but they'll charge more than the car is worth!
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    Surely that can't be that expensive!
  5. Zebster Guest

    Of course not, I was exaggerating (but only a little).

    The Honda list price for that part is a whopping £152.42 +VAT! My car has done 170k miles and will soon be 11 years old and has no formal service history. It really isn't worth much, maybe £600 on a good day?

    I'm sure that HH would give me a decent discount, but it'll still be an expensive repair for a problem that has trivial symptoms. I'll keep looking for a secondhand one...
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    Make that nearly 12 years old!
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    I appreciate your circumstances, but I can't see there being that many second hand ones about. They are the sort of part that comes off once it has failed. That said, good luck.
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