Introductions From an Accord EX GT 2.2 i-DTEC to a CR-V EX 2.0 auto

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    Hello. My name is Jason and I now have a CR-V ex. 4th Generation I think? It's a 2013 shape

    Having had both diesel and petrol I may contribute more to that debate now.

    If any one wants to know comparisons to the the accord and CR-V feel free to ask.

    I'd say the Accord Tourer would be the better vehicle as long as you were happy enough with the smaller boot and narrower gap between the suspension when the seats are Down. It's better built and a nicer ride (I think this was the tyres as it made the accord super smooth) BUT the CR-V has space and function. I can now have my son's car seat behind the drivers seat allowing a decent width when the 60% seat folds down. My lads seat took up the whole 60% seat in the accord so the CR-V is very usable and practical in comparison.

    Obviously the manual box is better than auto to drive except when your crawling in traffic. The 5 speed auto box works really well and going to and from work is a lot more relaxing.

    The stereo isn't as good as the accord so I need to get some speakers and then maybe a better sub.

    The steering wheel feels like hard plastic in the CR-V but the accord was sift and felt like leather.

    I'm really loving the keyless entry and start. It makes for a really quick get away.

    The leather seats seem to take longer to warm up than the half leather i used to have but the do work niceley eventually.

    The Panaramic roof makes the cabin feel light and airy. Especially noticable if you have the drivers seat at full height.

    The 2.0 petrol feels really light and agile to drive and feels quite nice on twisty roads in sequential mode. In regular eco driving the car does feel slow but when pushed it does seem to make ground well enough for me.

    I've bought a load of silver trim covers to bling the interior up a bit. A few items have arrived already so I'll have to do some before and after shots.

    I'd really like the aero front bumper. Door protector strips and lower door garnish. Id like the ambient kit too but that may be too much. I think a new CR-V accessories group buy thread should be set up as I recon there's a few people that may be interested. 20160115_164107. 2016-01-15 16.42.23. 2015-12-28 17.49.37.
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    My Accord was definitely better built, but the CR-V isn't bad. 80% as good maybe.

    Auto boxes are the way forward. Just like with the Accord, Honda have stayed with the traditional tech but it works very well, and suits the car. Double clutch DSG boxes? Not for me, especially not when they go bang...

    You need to update your garage @Racy Jace - unless you are in denial about leaving your Accord :Laughing:
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  3. Nels Moderator Staff Team

    That's a smashing CR-V @Racy Jace and little Jace has grown a lot!
    Looking forward to seeing the bling.
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    Lol. Part of the reason for trading it in was to do a quick transaction so it would be less painful to part with. If I'd of sold it privately I'd of probably kept changing my mind!

    I do agree with what you say about the CR-V. The plus points for me made it a no brainer. The 2015 mazda 6 is nicer but cost more. Plus it didnt have 4x4 which is a great bonus as i live on a hill. Most of the bad points I should be able to sort. Except for the plastic feeling steering wheel.
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    Looks brilliant Jace!

    I actually like the steering wheel. The "pure leather" one on the Accord and now on the new HR-V were something I didnt like. I always felt it was too soft and easily damaged, whereas this leather on the CR-V steering wheel seems a lot more durable. All down to personal preferences I guess, which is no bad thing at all.

    Plus, you've got all those additional features added to your CR-V, it looks spot on - one of the best on the site - a credit to you Squire!
  6. FirstHonda Premium Member Club Supporter

    The accessories are a really big bonus on your car @Racy Jace but for me what really lifts it is the combination of those with the beige leather.


  7. Racy Jace Club Veteran ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    Thanks guys. It's been valeted today so hopefully I'll get some decent pics.

    I've had some accessories delivered already but I'm waiting for the weather to get slightly warmer first.

    I got carried away with ordering so Ill have some bits for sale as I duplicated my orders. Woops.
  8. Racy Jace Club Veteran ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    The transformation to the large size is now complete!
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    This turned up today from Honda. I was gonna buy from HH but this dealer had ordered the wrong one as they wanted the diesel version. Lucky me. :Happy:

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