Introductions From Civic to Accord...hope it's as reliable.

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Dr Chaos, Tuesday 14th May, 2013.

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    Bought accord tourer for Europe trips. Kids, dog etc. Civic not quite big enough. Hope the tourer is a good as Civic for reliability. Had DPF replaced recently, hope that's not a bad sign... Car looks and drives well so far.

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    No worrys Dr , I've had two Civics and one Accord , all been absolutely trouble free , although ill always be a petrol man .I don't like the idea of DPF , l did have a company astra diesel and although there was lots of issues with it , I never had DPF issues but it was hammered , my guess is you will be fine with your Accord.
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    Thanks. Once had vw golf diesel, it did 200000 km and still good to do Milan to Amsterdam in 8 hours! Will test honda this summer, looking forward to it.

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    Sorry Brugge not Amsterdam
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    United Kingdom Jason Dudley, UK
    Hi Dr Chaos and welcome. If your cars had a new DPF and NOT just a regen then youll be fine. It sounds like youll be doing long enough journeys to keep that DPF trouble free too.

    Also if you can click the advanced tab when posting pictures as it doesnnt seem to work using quick posts:Wink:
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    Hi and welcome, check your I-DTEC has the correct 0w/30 DPF compliant oil and you shouldnt have more troubles.
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    Thanks, I assume that Brindley Honda used correct oil when they recently serviced it? Or is that an ill-advised assumption?
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    Matt Peterborough
    Hi Dr Chaos and welcome.

    That would be an ill-advised assumption. They sometimes put in 5w/30 as it's a cheaper blend. I'd check with them what they put in and change it if it's not right. You can buy the oil in bulk if you're planning on keeping the car a couple of years, it's drastically cheaper than buying smaller quantities at each oil change.
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    Thanks for all the advice. Glad I joined the OC
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    Honda dealers also do a free health check if you need to check a car out you have recently purchased.
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    You were correct they put 5w/30 in! Is any 0w/30 DPF compliant? Thanks
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    Belgium Aalst
    Hi Dr Chaos!
    Welcome, and.... don't confuse Belgium with the Netherlands.

    I also come from a Civic (2007). But my cars are petrols. Never had any issue with them.
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    I was tired at the time! The journey seemed a blur. Going through Belgium again this year on our way to Mainz. Took kids to Ypres a couple of years ago. There memorable comment was " there's no rubbish on the streets anywhere". Probably the cleanest country in Europe!!!! Wonderful beer and chocolate!
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    Check on the label on the back of the bottle. Honda oil will be DPF compatible. The 0w/30 should give better fuel consumption also.

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