Suspension, Steering and Brakes Front and rear top arm replacement

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    Well here we are again guys, greetings from wet and windy Cyprus, but only for this week, back to the beach next week, ha ha ha. OK I have managed to buy a front top arm replacement which is good news, a pair of CV boots,track rod ends, things are looking good, and a rear top arm, ah now we come to a stop with the rear top arm, these are not available here in Cyprus infact the CD4 doesn't even exist on any of the Motor Factors lists, the only reason i got the other parts is because it is common to other CD Accords, but he did give me a ball joint to see if I could take out the old one from the existing arm and press in the new one, this I will have to try tomorrow, so I am getting there slowly but surely, there are lots of Accords here in Cyprus but I have yet to see one the same as this, If I do I let you know, and take some bits off it, no not realy, what I cannot get from here I get from UK.
  2. Good luck with the job.
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    Thanks SayamaAccord, I will keep the forum posted.
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    Honda 006. Honda 008. Honda 005. Honda 001.

    Here is the replacement front top arm assy, you can see how bad the joint is, it was the same for track rod ends, in order to drop the arm it is nessasery to move the fuse box as shown, you notice that the arm pressed in joint is differant from the Honda ariginal as the new one has a spline where it is pressed in with a surclip underneath, this si not so on the ariginal part, the back top arm has to be done at a garage unfortuneately as I do poses a press to push out the old joint and push the new one in, so tomorrow I will see if it works or not, just one other thing I have cleaned the slow idle valve in an atempt to eliminate the fluctuating revs, even though I have disconnected the servo it still some times stalls when I apply the foot brake, I think I do another smoke test, it's like being a mechanical detective, looking for tale tale clues, but there you go guys, get your hands dirty, hands on.
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