Guides Front Brake Disk and Pad Replacement

Accord 03-08

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    Re: 7th Generation front brake disc and pad change

    What pads were those that were already on the car Cliff ?
  3. Re: 7th Generation front brake disc and pad change

    They were aftermarket ones, can't remember which brand sorry, Blueprint possibly. The pads were fairly new so they must have been changed not long before I bought the car. But the disk was below the minimum thickness specified by Honda so it had to go. And I always use new pads when I put a new disc on.
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    Re: 7th Generation front brake disc and pad change

    Great post, not long done mine with stuff from HH

    Spot on and easy to follow info.

    Nice one.. :GoodJob:
  5. Bowler Senior Member ★ ★ ☆ ☆ ☆

    Feeling embarrassed, Just replaced discs and pads on the front of the CR-V. Consisted of dropping car off paying the money and collecting, Job done.
    Hopefully doing a full wheel arch suspention and caliper detail this weekend as my contribution!
  6. Ichiban Founder Staff Team

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    Looking forward to your DIY Bowler if you need CR-V brake diagrams torque setting let me know.
    I have a few DIY threads pending for members so you can join the que,.:Smile: JK

    Brake are easy if you know what you are doing :Wink:
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    Cheers always good to know where to go for info, have done brakes in the past and was considering doing but with the weather and no Garage, opted for the easier option. My local garage did the job Discs and pads all in £178. Failed to do the detail on the arches also but did give the CR-V a good clean 4 hours worth. Looks the part again.
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    @SayamaAccord, @Ichiban , I am looking to replace my FR-V brake discs and pads and was hoping to use this guide but the pictures are not displaying. Is there any workaround?