Body, Paint & Styling Front bumper fininshed

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    Well here we are again from sunny Cyprus with a partially finish Honda accord in as much as the new indicators are now in and working, not a perfect job but it looks OK.You can see where I had to cut out the existing bumper to make the aperture wider for the indicators, the bits I cut out I kept and GRP them back in the new position, made some new brackets to hold the indicators in position, filled and sanded and there you go. Excuse the number plate, I must get another one made.

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    Ah ha, not according to Honda, it is registered as 1993, but more like 1994, the indicators are probably from a 1997 UK model, but remembering this is a JDM so it will be different from any thing else in the UK, I think!!. So getting the right indicators for this car would probably have to come from Japan and that's not going to happen. It's the same for the engine, I have yet to find one the same, it does not exist in the USA or the UK, once again only Japan it would seem.
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    LOL, I think he meant the date stamp on the photo's Brian :Grin:
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    Goodness me I not given that a thought, I don't use this camera much that's for sure ha ha ha, what's in a date, normally a stone, sorry couldn't resist that one.