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    I recently purchased a 2000 Accord in GP86 green. Looking really smart now I have cleaned and polished it. Al;so having to do some paint repairs.

    One problem I have is the front bumper. It must have had a slight knock in the past such that the bumper on the passenger side has come off its clip at the edge to the wing. Try as I might I cannot get it back on the clip.

    Has anyone else had this problem?

    Perhaps I need to remove the whole bumper and try again to locate both sides.

    Is there a 'how to' on the forum for front bumper removal/replacement?? I searched but couldn't find anything.

    I may have to take to a body shop I suppose. Any help graefully recieved.

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    Bumper removal will be the best way to see what's going on, removal is easy just start at corner removing Phillips head screws and underneath 8mm and 10 mm bolts and pop up clips.

    once off of then are off its easy..give it a go if you get stuck then we can get the guide made up for you.
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    Thanks for your reply.

    I will have a go at the weekend and report back