Bulletins & Advisories Front Damper Spring Tube Comes Off

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    FR-V Owners
    Chassis code: BE1,BE3, BE5
    Production year: 2005 & 2006

    The Symptoms
    Abnormal noise from the front dampers when the steering is being turned.

    The Cause
    The adhesive strength of the spring protector tube deteriorates allowing the tube to come off the spring.

    AOCUK Front Damper Spring Tube Comes Off 1.

    The Fix
    Install the seat rubber and replace the front spring.Please note this repair is only done when the front spring can be physical seen as the below picture. The front suspension has to exhibit the symptoms outlined.

    The Repair Procedure

    1. Park the vehicle, then confirm that the abnormal noise is heard from the part (A) between the front damper spring (B) and the spring lower seat (C) when turning the steering wheel.
    AOCUK Front Damper Spring Tube Comes Off 2.

    2. Remove the front dampers and install the seat rubbers (A), then replace the springs (B) with the revised parts (without spring tube). Reference to the Workshop manual is necessary for the procedure.
    AOCUK Front Damper Spring Tube Comes Off 3.

    3. After installing the front dampers, confirm the abnormal noise has disappeared when turning the steering wheel with the vehicle parked.

    4. Check wheel alignment and adjust if necessary. Refer to workshop manual.* (Can be provided if anyone requires it)

    Parts Information
    On completion of this the vehicle has to be aligned ideal on a four wheel alignment machine. Owners with aftermarket lowering spring kits show excessive wear on the spring protector tube, you will also seen massive rear camber variation and tyre wear.

    Best advise never drop your FR-V you will enter the realms of aftermarket camber and toe adjusters to rectify this.
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    I can see the seat rubber on my 05 FR-V and getting some strange noises when steering I think this may be the culprit. Was this a recall does anyone know and what's the likelihood I'd get this done cheap at the Honda dealers?!
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    I don't believe this would have been a product recall, however mentioning that you are aware that a TSB was issued for the known fault you might get a discount on the repair.