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    This DIY guide is for the 8th Generation Accord Saloon 2.4. Zoran's car being the 2.4 it is equipped with the twin piston and a larger front disc. For the vital brake information and torque setting please refer to this thread. Jacked the car up and remove the front two wheels.

    AOCUK 8th Gen dual piston.

    Remove the brake hose mounting bolt then Remove the two 12mm Bolts which holding the caliper to the carrier. AOCUK 2-piston caliper bolts.JPG
    AOCUK front knuckle pic.JPG
    Remove the brake caliper bracket\carrier mounting 17mm bolts (B), then remove the caliper assembly (C) from the knuckle. To prevent damage to the caliper assembly or brake hose, use a short piece of wire to hang the caliper assembly from the undercarriage. Do not twist the brake hose excessively and make sure the pipe is returned into it original layout.

    AOCUK 8th gen Accord front discs.

    Then Remove the brake disc flat screws (A). Remove the brake disc (B) from the front hub. NOTE: If the brake disc is stuck to the front hub, thread two 8 x 1.25 mm bolts (C) into the brake disc to push it away from the front hub. In our case it just came off without the need to chase the bolt to separate it from the hub.

    AOCUK Twin-piston disc screw and removal.JPG
    AOCUK 8th Gen Accord disc removed.

    Both discs has a big lip on the outer circumference and were well past it usable life
    AOCUK 8th Gen front disc lip.

    AOCUK 8th Gen front disc lip 2.

    AOCUK 8th Gen Accord 2.4 front discs.

    Clean the two front carrier first by removing the two pad retainers and thoroughly cleaning them , clean the mating surfaces on the carrier making sure all lumpy rust spots are removed and smooth. I used steel wool soaked in petrol to get rid of all the rust. Before and after of the pad retainers.

    AOCUK 8th Gen Accord Front disc clips.

    I thoroughly clean the front two hubs with Honda pro brake cleaner to get all the caked on brake dust off the heat shield and get the hubs perfectly clean.

    AOCUK 8th Gen Front hub cleaning.

    AOCUK 8th Gen Front Left hub cleaned.

    AOCUK 8th Gen Front right hub cleaned.

    Remove the two pins from the carriers and apply lube , note due to the pin bush you can easily differentiate between the pins and ensure they are not fitted in the wrong positions please refer to the pin positions as per the vital brake information thread. Since the car is newish the pin boots were is excellent shape and no signs of damage.

    AOCUK 8th Gen Caliper Pin B.

    AOCUK 8th Gen Caliper Pin A.

    Clean and lube the mating surfaces of the retainers and fit the pad retainers and lube with M77 grease. Remove the pad shims (A) and the brake pads (B). Remove the pad retainers (A). NOTE: The upper and lower pad retainers are different. During installation, make sure the pad retainers are in proper positions.

    AOCUK Twin-piston pad retainers lube points.JPG

    Using brand new disc screws (Four) fit the two new discs back onto the hub .

    AOCUK 8th Gen Front disc screws.

    AOCUK 8th Gen Accord new Disc.

    Before fitting the new disc spray some brake cleaner to remove any anti-corrosion coating on the friction surface. Then Fit the corresponding carrier with the pad retainers onto the front knuckle using the 17mm bolts and torque the bolts to 108NM. Next Build up the disc with the corresponding shims AOCUK Twin-piston brake pads lube points

    AOCUK Twin-piston pad shims.JPG AOCUK Twin-piston brake pads lube points.JPG Pads laid out. Pad 1-1. Pad 1. pad 2. Pad 3. Pad 1-1. pad 1-2.

    Slot in the two pads onto the carriers, ensuring you do not contaminate the friction side with any of the grease, install the caliper onto the carrier using the two 12mm bolts to 34Nm , and nip up the brake hose mounting bolt to 22nm That completes the disc and pad change and you are left with a full built side. Get the wheel on and torque the bolts to 108NM.


    The 2.4 Disc Specifications.

    The Manufacturer is Dainichi Can Co LTD Japan

    Height mm 73
    Width mm 320
    Length mm 320
    Weight 10.6 KG

    These disc can be used on other Honda as the carrier mounting positions are the same as the 7th Generation and the ATR, they use the same bolts only difference is the heat shield. So if you find a 8th Generation 2.4 in breaker yard and you want massive 343 front discs I would suggest this mod for sure. On a side note sell the old disc to a scrap metal merchant with 20 plus KG of steel it a nice little earner :Wink: TO be cont.. brake bleed and clutch fluid change

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    Brilliant how to mate as always.
    Went for a drive this morning,brakes are bed in now and feel fantastic.Like you said brake fluid change is very important and it gives you fantastic brakes.
    Love your organisation and preparation prior to doing any work and your cleaning of components is second to none.
    Can i just say to anyone that think of doing it or didnt change your brake and clutch fluid,do it now and you feel massive difference and improvement in both.
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    One of the things I noticed on Zoran car was how evenly the front pads have worn , indicating they have been changed before as there was the tell tale signs of copper grease plastered everywhere.( please stop using copper grease use a better product Molykote M77 grease ) as shown above. It recommended by Honda and even after repeated pressure washes this grease stick on like glue.

    In my opinion all 8th Generation owners should replace the discs and pads at the same time as the disc on Zoran car were well past it but the second set of pads were fine. which is just wasting a set of pads at 50%

    AOCUK 8th Gen Accord used pads.

    We all know Japanese car manufactures work off just in time inventory and cars and parts are build around the same time as assembly . Marked on the front discs is the manufacturing time stamp . It safe to say Zoran car has been made within a week of that date..

    AOCUK 8th Gen front disc time stamp.

    Like the pressurised brake bleeder process. We used over 1.75 litres of Honda ultra DOT four fluid to flush the entire system.

    AOCUK 8th Gen  rear Caplier bleed.

    Plenty of trapped air in the rear two calipers

    Leaving us superb biting brakes as soon as the fronts disc and pads bed in he will see a massive improvement. Lastly note how clean the fluid is when we finished.

    Clean fluid.
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    Clutch fluid was quite contaminated and really noticeable in colour when we changed it.Clutch feel really nice and smooth now.
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    Cheers bud cleaning is the most vital part of any brake job, the mating surface on the hub is so crucial for good brakes.

    Happy you enjoying the car, after all its a Honda , simple mechanics which just work.
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    Could you please advise which is which? Where goes the pin with the black rubber on top? Upper or lower mount?