Body, Paint & Styling Front end needed!!!

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    So to cut a really long story short, I need a new front end.
    I have seen some type-s's breaking on ebay and just wondered if the front bumper, bonnet, grill from an estate would fit a saloon?
    Before I buy it (and it not potentially fitting), i'd rather check with you guys first


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    Looks like a write off to me, what's its book value ?
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    Tis a write off, but I got it back. Looks worse than it is, only cosmetic damage. Got it MOTd and only failed on missing bumper (obvs) misaligned headlights, and a worn brake pad. All easily remedied.

    However, I still need to source parts for this and can only find estates which match the Type-S spec. So just need to know if both are the same size/dimension parts?
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    Ok I now see where your going, I suppose if you've got the time and the space it isn't a problems as eventually the parts will turn up. Or find a good body and swap mechanicals.
    Write a new post on here parts wanted with as much info re year model etc and you never know.
    Also I've used breakers you tell them all the details and they search all UK yards who email you with prices etc. I got a good deal on some hard to find rover 827 parts ( almost Honda ) so I know it works.
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    oh dear. .shame about the damage. Give it a few hours one of our resident experts will be able to answer your query for sure.
  6. SpeedyGee Administrator Staff Team

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    I don't think you can fit the grill and bumper from an Tourer onto a Saloon.

    Can someone else confirm this ?
  7. Ichiban Founder Staff Team

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    Petrol bumpers don't have intercooler ducting to divert cold air to the intercooler. so it will fit but you will lose power. Get a diesel bumper off a like for like car.
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    Yeh, mines is a type-s 2.4 petrol 2004.

    The car im looking taking the parts from is also a 2003 typs-s petrol 2.4


  10. jimjams Guest

    2004 2.4 Type-S saloon

    2003 2.4 Type-S Tourer

    many of the bumper part numbers as same as the diesel

    If you ever want to check any other donor parts for yourself, start here

    If you use "choose by model" on the right, you can find the drawings you're interested in comparing.
    Part numbers will initially begin with "PFKL" which are not Honda numbers, but if you remove "_pfk" from the URL of a page with part numbers, the page then displays proper Honda numbers.
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    I really believe you can use the front bits from a tourer (CM2 CM3) on a sedan/saloon (CL7/CL9). Just be wary of the Facelift on Pre-FL vice versa as that will cause some issues if you change only certain bits.
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