General Front Fender Clips (The ones to remove when replacing the side light bulbs)

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    Hi All

    Both my side light bulbs have eventually died so thought today was the day I would replace them. One died a couple months ago but due to the hassle in replacing the bulb I thought I would wait until a suitable time.

    Today was that day, I double checked the handbook and two clips are to be removed from the front fender, peel back, reach in, grab and twist the bulb holder and pull out. Relatively simple.

    All bulbs replaced fine
    Unfortunately the clips that hold the fender all broke :Frown:
    The fender stays in place ok but ideally I need to replace them

    I have checked on Lings but I can't get an enlarged parts explosion, it says its not available
    So I did a print screen.

    Would it be part 21 or 22 ??
    or are the two clips per side different?

    Would any one know the correct one?
    Have a link to a suitable replacement cheapy ones from ebay?

    Thanks guys

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    I don't think they are different on each side but I think there are two different sizes. I'd imagine that the undertray ones (item 21) are the bigger stronger ones and the other ones holding the wheel arch liner are smaller. So you need to check if you need the bigger size or the smaller size ones.
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    Thanks Speedy Gee

    Abit more digging into part numbers

    Part 22
    Honda part: 91501-S04-003
    Equivalent on ebay

    Part 21
    Honda Part: 91503SZ3003
    Equivalent on ebay

    From the above I can confirm it is part 22 that is required for both fender clips that are removed when replacing accessing the side light bulbs
    Thanks all
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  4. Ichiban Founder Staff Team

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    They are different for these clips IIRC there are three types. 21 is the larger one and the 22 are shorter.