Electrical & Lights Front Fog Light Issues

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    Some of you know that I've been trying to get a front foglight for a CTDi for over 6 months... It's been a struggle because they're the little round ones as opposed to the oval ones that can be found 10 a penny.

    I finally got one from a member of a breaker, but have run into a few snags... None of which are his fault I must stress.

    Firstly... I cannot figure out how to replace/remove the existing one and secondly I cannot get to the bulb because screw heads are stripped.

    As you can see from the images... 2 of the 3 screws are stripped and the one I was able to get out is also partially stripped... I soaked them in WD40 24hrs before attempting to undo them as there is a lot of corrosion.

    Obviously I need new screws, but what type... what thread and so forth. I'd prefer to replace them with slight longer bolts and a spacer to make access easier in the future. So the head of a small bolt sits just above the cap itself rather than recessed into it. Otherwise the problem is just going to repeat itself next time I want to change a bulb.

    2016-01-18 19.00.47. 2016-01-18 19.00.36. 2016-01-18 19.01.43. 2016-01-17 17.55.23. 2016-01-17 17.55.13.

    It also means I will need to completely replace the ones on the other fog light too as this problem is only going to be the same.

    If I can't get at the bulbs, it's not worth fitting and I've wasted my money... I might as well remove them both.
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    The bolts should be metric , probably M6 size, check one against some standard metric bolts.

    Can you post a picture of your bumper showing a close up of one of the foggies, take a slight angle. I think there should a hole to put a socket or screw driver through to remove the one bolt holding it in place (if there is then there's no need to remove the bumper.
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    Here ya go... So that one screw is what's holding the whole thing in place... or just the cover in place?

    Looking at the replacement foglight itself... it looks like that screw may screw into the bracket on the foglight (see image 2 red circle). That then may give access to the bolts/screws in the upper left bracket arm (image 2 green circle).

    But there is also a 3rd spot that looks like a bolt/screw to hold it in place that's behind the main body of the foglight (image 3 red circle)

    2016-01-19 14.10.06.
    2016-01-19 14.15.53.
    2016-01-19 14.16.07.

    I still can't even attempt to replace the fog light until I can get these 2 stripped screws out and replaced... Normally I would get my hacksaw and cut a groove into them to use a screwdriver... But there's no access to be able to do that.
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    that screw is just holding the plastic cover over the foglight i ad to drill that out . i was looking to change my bulb but could not see where it went in
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    Bulb goes in from back underneath. I wrestled with mine for days just to find out it was the relay gone, not the bulbs!

    All working now, and they are far from the best fog lights I have used, but like to have them working. Mine are same as yours, had to rebuild and repaint the brackets.
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    It's still sat here on the desk, unable to get 2 of the screws out that cover access to the bulb as the heads have been stripped. I can't get at them because they're recessed, or I'd take a hacksaw and cut a groove in them to get purchase. If I can get them out, I'll get some longer bolts with the same tread and a sleeve so that the bolts then protrudes above the cove and is easier to get at.
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    I drilled the heads off then glued the cover back on with proper stuff, Sikaflex, with that its stronger than it was originally probably!
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    I think 2 of the screws came out so put them back in too.