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    I have a 2002 1.8 SE, I want to put the front fog lights from the higher spec model.

    Is this just a simple case of removing the blanking grills from the front my car and inserting the OE fogs from another car or do I need to replace the whole bumper??

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    Yeah the install is pretty much remove the blanking slots and installing the new fog lights/if you can get hold of the genuine Honda kit then it will have everything from a straight swap, can't say about the aftermarket one thou they will work off the same principle but there will be some tweaking to do to get it fitted.
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    Cool, Thanks.

    I will tackle this on the weekend after a trip to the scrapyard :Smile:
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    Swwweeeeet, got a set of fogs including housing etc from an Exec model in a scrappy for €30.00

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    No update, bad weather delayed play :Angry:. I'll do a step by guide if I remember with photos etc