Suspension, Steering and Brakes Front Suspension Gaiter 2007 1.4 5 door

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    The beast had a service and MOT yesterday and the MOT came back with an advisory on the OSF suspension gaiter. It's got a split in it apparently. The dealer wanted £200 to replace the complete shock absorber assembly as apparently they don't supply the gaiter separately.

    This strikes me as a bit of a con. Spoke to an independent repairer today who said that it's probably ok and wouldn't be a MOT fail in future but would do work if a gaiter was available.

    I can see to strip and replace a gaiter would be high on labour charges but would not expect it to cost the £200 quoted by dealer to replace the whole suspension leg..

    From searching the net it would appear that OEM gaiters are available but is this a job worth doing or should can I just leave it?

    I think possibly it's a job that is beyond my own capabilities with spring compression to sort etc.

    I've had a look at the forums here and there seems to be threads on CR-V gaiters but nothing else I can find for Civic models.

    Would appreciate any experience or advice and if there are any recommendations for an independent repairer to do the work around the Newport ( South Wales) area if it needs doing.

    Thanks in advance.

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    The process will be similar between the Civics and the CR-Vs.

    Sorry I don't know of an Independant garage around Newport.