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    After a few days of vague 'tram-lining' and an odd rattle, I've discovered my front right UCA balljoint has developed a bit of play. I replaced the left in 2013, so I know it's a fairly simple DIY (am I tempting fate?) but I'm looking for advice on where to get the replacement arm. Lings show £162 +VAT... I know HH will beat that but I doubt it'll be below £60, which many aftermarket ones are.

    Last time I bought a dearer Delphi UCA, but since then I've fitted Meyle droplinks all round, and they looked pretty tough and well made. And the Meyle UCA is a good price... or I can get an Ocap UCA from ECP even cheaper (using the 'halloween10' promo code) at £27, but I've heard criticism of Ocap quality.

    So, any thoughts on either Meyle or Ocap? Or any other suggestion? I'd really like to get this done pronto, ready to use the car for a long run 'dahn sarf' on Thursday!
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    Meyle ones should be pretty decent or also alternatively to them BluePrint ones.

    OEM ones are expensive but they'll for sure outlast the aftermarket ones.
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    True. There's a good chance that OEM ones would outlast the car! I'll get that Meyle one ordered.

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    Meyle UCA now ordered from eBay. I hope it turns up on Wednesday, as suggested, so I can whack it on ready for Thursdays outing.