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    I have just recently had the Front upper arm and ball joint replaced on my 04 Honda Accord Tourer Ex, this was found to be defective on the MOT, when I went to collect it from my Local Honda dealership, I asked if the tracking had been checked on the completion of the work believing that it would be necessary, I was informed that it was not required as the upper arm did not affect the steering geometry, when I got home I checked my Honda workshop manual and there it was last but one item on the procedure was "Check the front wheel alignment, and adjusting it if necessary", can anyone help me with this one before I go back to the Dealership and make a fool of myself?
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    That's a trickey one, I think you could argue either way.

    You could argue that as the suspension components has been disturbed a wheel alignement should be carried out.

    Alternatively you could argue that it's only the upper arm which has fixed geometry with nothing adjustable that's been changed and therefore wheel alignment is not required.

    Sorry that doesn't help you, let's see what others have to say.

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    Actually I should have added that if it were me I would get the geometry checked after any changes to suspension components.
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    I my opinion any work on the front suspension will upset the suspension geometry so a wheel alignment will be required.