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    My new CR-V SR 9 speed Auto diesel has done 1,400 miles now, motorway/urban split about 50/50. The car has never achieved more that 44mpg and is averaging 39mpg.This is not the sort of economy I was expecting from this new engine/gearbox combination. Does anyone have any real use figures to compare? I would have expected some lesser economy in the early days, but these figures seem out of the norm. Any advice/help appreciated.

    Note: I have filled alternatively with Advanced/Standard diesel.
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    My understanding is that it can take about 4 tanks of fuel for the car to 'learn' what you are using. Switching from one to another is not a good idea.

    I'm sure other members will be able to advise too.
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    I have now stopped using Advanced diesel to see if the economy settles down on standard.
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    United Kingdom Dave Stirling
    I know it's a diff engine/gearbox, but I have done 3000 miles on my 2WD 1.6 manual, averaging 59mpg according to car computer. A mix of driving.
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    @Lisbon that does sound a bit low, especially when compared to the figures @maelstrom is getting. I thought the idea of the new 9 speed gearbox was to optimise economy :Unknown:

    I would say a couple of things.

    1. I'm getting 36mpg average and an easy 42-43mpg on a run from the 2.0litre petrol/auto CR-V, so I just can't see what you are getting as acceptable from the 1.6 I-DTEC.

    2. I don't know how you drive, but try driving with a very 'light right foot' and seeing if that helps, i.e. really concentrating on economy. I say this because...

    3. ...I had a 2.2 I-DTEC Accord auto for 3 years. It was VERY sensitive from an economy perspective to how it was driven. Having come back to petrol for the first time in years, I don't find driving style has such an impact.

    Do let us know how you get on. The official Honda figures would suggest you should be getting 55mpg combined, so in the real world I'd expect high 40's.
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    I've driven with Eco on and very light footed, and with Eco off and driving normally without undue haste. This has led to a trip by trip difference of only 5 to 6 MPG (still no more than 44mpg at best). Accepting that I am new to a small so called economical engine, I find it unusual for the engine to run at such low revs when making steady progress - maybe 1500 to 1800 RPM.

    I will measure MPG fill to fill method to see if this corresponds to the trip computer, but beyond that I'm stumped. I'm not anywhere where I can call into a dealer at the moment, but will have to make a trip if the situation continues. That said, I'm not sure what they would do check investigate vs advising me its my driving style or within limits.

    The car has already broken down on the motorway due to an unsecured clip at time of manufacture connecting an air pipe to the inter cooler. Not the Honda ownership experience I was expecting. Given that I have not heard back from Honda UK Customer Services in a week now, it seems they are not concerned though.

    Any help or advice appreciated.
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    I can't comment on the 1.6 I-DTEC driving characteristics having never driven one, but the MPG sounds low compared with the 'official' figures, even given the gap between those and reality for all car makers (and Honda seem to be one of the most accurate!). My VW Tiguan diesel had a combined figure of 50mpg and I never saw more than 40mpg...until the gearbox blew up (as most DSG boxes do it seems) and then I moved to Honda...

    I'm surprised that Honda customer services haven't responded to your complaint about the breakdown. That is totally unacceptable IMHO - the lack of response and the breakdown I mean - and absolutely not what a Honda customer should expect. I'd call them again and chase them - it sounds like this was a failure both at manufacture and at dealer PDI, so I'd expect a) an apology and b) an offer of goodwill e.g. a free service or something. Make it clear that it isn't what you were expecting and how disappointed you are.

    Are there any other 1.6 I-DTEC owners who can help with real world economy figures?
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    United Kingdom Dave Stirling
    Yesterday and today I drove 300 miles on mull and Iona, so all single track roads, changing between third and forth gear mostly. Got 59 MPG at the end on computer. Car with 2 adults, 2 kids and full boot.
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    Firstly, thank you for the replies, being new to the Honda brand this forum has been very useful.

    It seems that Honda UK has issued a statement following similar reports from other owners. In effect, they state that high fuel consumption can be experienced for the first 3 to 4,000 miles whilst the engine beds in. They state it can be considered a "running in" period.

    It would have been useful for this information to have been made clear from the outset, along with any recommended driving guidelines during this period. I also think this is a long period of bedding in given today's modern technology and it seems very convenient for Honda to call it so. If this was to be expected, why wasn't it made clear in the manual or at least at the point of handover?

    If anyone has access to this statement from Honda and can provide more details, that would be useful. Particularly what percentage of vehicle exhibit this "characteristic".
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    Now done over 2,500 miles and MPG remains stubbornly at 37 MPG. Far, far from Honda's marketing for this so called more powerful, more efficient model. Still, only 1,500 miles to go before Honda consider my vehicle "run in".
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    Moldova, Republic Of RTI Chisinau
    I've recently read a review, a romanian site - the had the same car with the 9-auto. They did some mixed driving, for about 500 miles and they managed do get just over 36mpg which is quite poor and admitedly the car had only 1500 miles on it as in your case. On the other hand the 6-speed manual, showed 49mpg but with a milder driving. To me the difference is too big between the 9-speed auto and the manual. Besides as stated before Honda's declared fuel consumption figures are quite achievable, at least with my car (2.2 I-DTEC 3rd Generation manual). Let the car have 5k miles and contact the dealer, I don't think such consumption figures are ok.
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    ^^I agree with @RTI - your fuel economy does seem low.

    What Car? do "True" MPG vs "official" MPG on some cars, and on the (manual) 1.6 I-DTEC CR-V they see 56.5 "true" vs 64.2 "official." That is a far lower gap than most manufacturers see (the Audi A3 TDi is 51.2 vs 68.9 and the BMW X3 18d is 41.5 vs 56.5 just as examples).

    I'm getting 36mpg from a petrol/auto which should be far less economical (mainly urban use, too). I'd say do a couple of longer runs focussing on economy and see what you get as the engine loosens up. If it isn't better after 5k miles, I'd go back to the dealer for investigation - although as @John Dickson will tell you, his experience with an Accord I-DTEC 2.2 and fuel economy real vs official is similar.
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    I have had a widely varying mixed bag of results form 2.2iDTEC Accord MPG figures. Sometimes it appears to drink fuel when you wouldn't expect it to but it is settling down a bit now I have 21,500 miles on it.

    Previously I had had 2.0iVTEC Accords, the last being a pre-facelift CU1 2.0iVTEC EX. The only things different on my CU3 over and above the CU1 are the sunroof and the heavier diesel engine.

    My driving hasn't really changed in terms of the type of roads I use (commute to work is the same etc) but having the diesel I do short shift now whereas I never used to with petrol.

    My 2.0 petrol Accord used to return 33-35MPG over the mix of road types and my I-DTEC returns anywhere from 37-42MPG over the same - so marginally better.

    On a long motorway run the petrol would give 44-45MPG the diesel usually high 40s but have seen 54.5 MPG on a motorway run once.

    I'm finding 10MPG better figures with the I-DTEC is the reality.

    I did a couple of full tank- empty tank MPG calculations and got 37/38MPG. I spoke to my dealer about this and they said that is ok as it is within range of figures to expect.

    In my experience diesel only returns major MPG advantages sitting on te motorway all day every day for hundreds of miles at a time.

    Yes I'm using less fuel but not sure if it is a saving that's actually worth something when you take into account the higher (until very recently) price of fuel.
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    Moldova, Republic Of RTI Chisinau
    City driving gave me the same experience, but that was partially due to DPF regeneration. I had about 50k miles on-board and the car did regenerate the particle (and you might not always see it, infact the only thing showing it was the instant fuel consumption which was like 2 times higher than normal) filter every 200 miles which I was told by my garage, considered normal operation. Now with the DPF off I don't see that much variation.
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    Interesting to hear others experiences.

    I'm doing plenty of motorway miles. There is maybe 5 MPG difference between motorway and local trips. I'm beginning to think the issue is with this new 9 speed auto gearbox. When making normal progress the engine seldom goes above 2,000 RPM and at steady speed the selected gear gives engine speed of no more than 1,500 RPM. It always seems to be running under rev'ed, and sometimes the car seems like it is about to stall.
  16. SpeedyGee Administrator Staff Team

    England Speedy Birmingham
    That doesn't sound right at all. Even at around 1500 to 2000 RPM the engine shouldn't feel like it's labouring, let alone close to stalling.

    You need to get it checked by Honda
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    Italy Mike Bruno
    It's too soon to say what MPG I am getting with the 9 speed AWD diesel; according to the instrument panel, it is 6.9 litres/100km which translates to 41 MPG. If the fuel gauge is accurate, I would be getting 800km per tank, which would be 7.25 litres/100km. Lightly loaded, two up, eco on. Mitigating factor: living in Italy we have the air conditioning on all the time. Adaptive Cruise Control in use as much as possible when driving on the motorway.

    But we are only at 1300km, so the car is perhaps still getting used to the local diesel. And I don't know how much the dealer put in the tank before I collected it. On a recent trip over the Alps (I suppose hilly country counts as a mitigating factor too) we reduced the posted lifetime average to 6.8, which would be nearly 42 MPG. But I find the ACC doesn't encourage me to drive with as light a right foot as the old-style steam cruise control. Perhaps I will get used to pulling out 100 yards further away before the radar brakes the car and requires me to accelerate again. Perhaps when I get my English language manuals I shall discover how to tune the radar parameters to the requirements of continental driving, where not being in the rightmost lane you can is a sin (albeit a much committed one).
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    Sorry SpeedyGee, poorly described on my part. What I should have said is when first pulling away the car sometimes labours and it is a similar sensation to pulling away in the wrong gear of a manual car. The car was thoroughly test driven by a dealer following repair after it broke down (unrelated issue).

    MikeM, interesting you are getting similar MPG figures. I have asked Honda if this problem is prevalent on both auto and manuals transmissions and am awaiting their response. I will check my manual re ACC and let you know.
  19. Lisbon Senior Member ★ ★ ☆ ☆ ☆

    MikeM, I've started a conversation with you - changing ACC following distance.
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