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    I've read that the fuel filter doesn't need doing until 75k which sounds crazy. Any other car it's 12k so why is the FR-V different?

    Surely it's the same fuel used for all cars and must fill the engine with the same rubbish?

    As it seems a little mission to change the filter I figured I'd put an additive in to clean the pipes.

    Do you do this?

    I'm thinking of this one:
  2. Zebster Guest

    Surely adding something to free up the accumulated dirt in the filter would simply cause it to flow into the engine? I'd rather let the filter do its job... You'll know if there's a problem because the filter will become restricted and the car will flag a warning about low fuel pressure. A blocked filter will not begin to let dirt through.

    I'm surprised that some petrol cars need their fuel filter replacing at only 12k. My diesel filter interval is 25k miles.
  3. Nels Moderator Staff Team

    If you're not having any problems, then it's better to leave well alone.
    Normally, filter changes are dictated by mileage OR time, whichever is first.

    What does your handbook say?
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    I'm sure the handbook says 75k
    But every other car I've had - including diesel are changed by 25k
    My old work car a 62 plate Astra was serviced as and when the light came on but they never changed the filter.
    I then had loads of issues as the filter was blocked.
    What I'm asking is how can a Honda filter last 75k yet Vauxhall can't even last 25k

    I think Honda are the only car company that are done via time rather then mileage

    Surely more frequent is better?
  5. Zebster Guest

    Honda would be specifying a 'safe' interval... I wouldn't worry about changing it early (I've done more than double the service life on mine!).

    I don't know the respective figures, but Honda could get a longer service interval than Vauxhall by using a fuel filter with a greater surface area, for example.
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    In the StepWGN it has a strainer rather than a filter for the petrol so life time filtration as every time the pump stops the gunk drops off into the bottom of the tank, at least in theory. The Fit has a filter in the tank incorporated in the pump assembly but like yours an extended change time. It's not a huge job to change but a bit of a pain, in looking at it there is a large amount of filter material compared to the older inline can type ones that used to sit in the engine bay. Compared to diesels the petrol injectors don't need as fine of a filtration (again only my limited understanding) so less frequent changes. I'd say if it makes you sleep better go ahead and change it out early but personally I wouldn't worry too much about leaving it for specified interval or longer.
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    You've made some valid points,
    All dirt sits in tank, bigger surface area etc.

    I'm just trying to service the car myself and I've taken a pump out of a fiat - which was simple but the plastic fuel out nipple broke which opened a can of worms finding the same pump.

    I don't fancy doing that again so I'll leave it.
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    I had the fuel filter changed on my old Volvo after I kept hearing a sucking noise from behind me(!):happycrying: – it would always happen at the same spot on a regular journey, as it turned out this was up-hill at WOT just when fuel was in full demand. The filter on that car sat underneath, behind the drivers seat area so it was an obvious culprit and I couldn’t see from my service records that it had been changed in the last 100k+ miles.

    I didn’t do the job myself as I’m not keen on messing with petrol but the old unit was a horrible mess full of black gunk so the pump must have been working overtime to get enough juice through. The car did drive a bit better after that, the noise never recurred and it gave me peace of mind for very little £.

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    IIRC the filter is in the tank therefore if you are paying a dealer to do it then the labor cost is high as they have to strip out stuff to get to it. Also watch out how the unit is handled while out as it can knacker the fuel level sensor so your car runs out of fuel despite saying it has 50 miles left. I paid a dealer to do this on my Honda Civic and they disputed they had screwed it up. I'm in Gloucester by the way ;-)
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    If this happened to me I would dig my heals in and threatened court action.
    If it was working before they touched it and not after then they are liable.