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    Scotland Terry Fort William
    HONDA ACCORD TOURER - 2.2 I-tdec - 2009 - UK model.

    Hi Folks, my first post here!

    After brimming my tank at a fuel station my gauge now remains at the full mark. It does drift down a little over time but is not responding normally.

    I understand it could be the sending unit, the wiring, or the gauge at fault.

    I would like to run a resistance test on the sender unit out of the car, measuring the ohms value at various positions of the sender float. But before doing so, it would be great if I could know the proper values from a good sender so I can properly compare.

    I have seen some conflicting ranges: Some between 20 and 120 ohms and some (for latest USA models) of between 20 - 780 ohms.

    I suspect neither are correct for my UK model. Holdcroft Honda were unable to give me any info'.

    I wonder, does anyone have access to any information which might give the proper range I should be testing against? Somewhere, the ohms figures for FULL and EMPTY at least will be available? Can anyone be of help?

    Also, has anyone else experience fuel gauge problems? What should I be checking for?

    Many thanks, Terry
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    Before you do all of that, try disconnecting the battery for about 15 minutes. When you re-connect, it should reset the system.
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    this info is for CU3 and CW3 (CU3 and CW3 are 8th Generation diesel)


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    Scotland Terry Fort William
    Thanks Nels. Yes, I have already tried a 're-set', even tried touching the pos/neg terminals together for 20 secs. but no result.

    Jim, Thanks for the info' on the ohms range. Now, I have seen this schematic before in the 'Helms' manual and wondered if it was for USA cars only?

    I wonder.....can you confirm that this range is definitely for the UK i tdec cars? (ie its from a manual for the UK models)?

    Many thanks to you both for your help.

    Cheers, Terry
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    I wouldn't necessarily refer to any 7th Generation or 8th Generation Accord as a "UK model".

    As far as 7th Generation and 8th Generation Accords are concerned, they were all built in Japan in both RHD and LHD versions ....for the Japanese domestic market, and for the rest of the world (including the USA where it is called the Acura TSX, note that Honda Accord in the USA is different from Honda Accord outside of the USA).

    If you look at the 4th/5th/6th characters of the VIN on your car, it will be "CW3". CW3 is one particular designation for a Honda model, and there is no way that a factory will have a different fuel sender unit for different country markets, whether LHD or RHD.

    In this particular instance you can be sure that where, in the electronic workshop manual, CW3 is selected from the menu, the information relates to all cars with CW3 in the 4th/5th/6th positions in the VIN.

    edit: if you do have access to a "Helms" electronic workshop manual, and if it is designated "Acura TSX", then if it doesn't have choice of CW3 or similar designations, I would expect that you would choose the year, the body type, and the engine (2.0 petrol, 2.2 diesel, 2.4 petrol). Thus 2009 Tourer 2.2 diesel would be same as CW3 in a Honda electronic workshop manual.
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    May I just say. From a main dealer point of view. It's not in our interest to give such information over the phone or by any means. It's certainly fortunate that members on this forum have access to some of the service literature. But you need to know how to use and apply it to the problem you have. Otherwise you are more than likely to misdiagnose the fault. We're a helpful bunch at Holdcroft Honda but if we told customers how to fix there cars over the phone or best guess what there problem is we would go out of business.
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    Scotland Terry Fort William
    Hi Beefy,

    Thanks for your input.

    Just for clarity, I just asked Holdcroft for the price of a fuel sender (£96) and at the same time asked what the ohm range was but they were unable to give me this info'

    Cheers, Terry
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    "parts" dept wouldn't know that info

    (to get the info someone would have to go and ask a technician, who'd have to go into the e-manual to get the info, and then the info in #3 would have to be printed out, etc, etc)

    on car forums, we have spare time when the kids aren't after advice or money, and there's rubbish on TV LOL
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