Bulletins & Advisories Gap at the rear of the center console

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    Honda have issued the following TSB# HUK000000000100 dated 20-06-03 based on On customer complaints, It for all AP1's for model year 2002 & 2003. MY02 & MY03.

    The rear part of the center console is raised.

    There is a mismatch between the rib on the underside of the center console and the ribholes in the center console mat.

    The design of the center console mat has been changed.

    Application to Production Line

    Repair Method

    Check if the rear part of the centre console is raised at location A.

    Console normal
    ap1 console1.
    Console raised
    ap1 console2.
    Lift up the centre console completely.
    Note: There's no need to remove the shift :tut:.
    ap1 console3.
    At the locations marked A, make 2 cross-shaped cuts in the centre console mat. To prevent tearing, the cuts should not come closer than 5 mm from the center console mat holes.
    ap1 console4.
    Re-install the centre console and confirm that it sits correctly.