Bulletins & Advisories Gap between cowl cover and windscreen

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    Honda have issued the following TSB# HUK000000000591 dated 31-03-05 for all 2005 Model year MY05 BE1, BE3.

    Gap between the cowl cover and the windscreen.

    During the fitting of the front windscreen glass, excess adhesive protrudes from under the windscreen, creating a bulge. This bulge stops the cowl cover clips from engaging fully, allowing the cover to lift up and gaps appear between the cover and the windscreen.

    1 Glass adhesive application method has been changed.
    2 Cowl cover installation procedure has been changed.

    Application to Production Line

    Repair Method
    Repair to be carried out on customer complaint only.
    NOTE : Be careful not to damage the body or the parts to be removed.
    1. Confirm that the cowl cover (A) is poorly fitted.

    FRV screen1.

    FRV screen2.
    2. Remove the windscreen wiper arms (A), ensure the arms are in the parked position before removal.

    FRV screen3.

    3. Remove the hooks (C) inside the cowl cover (A) and front fender (B), and pull the hood hinge cover (D) forward. Remove the hinge cover from the roof moulding (E) and take it out.

    FRV screen4.
    4. Remove the clips (B) and washer tube clip (C) from the front end of the cowl cover (A) with a clip remover.

    FRV screen5.

    5. Pull the terminal end on the windscreen side of the cowl cover (A), and remove the clips (B, C). Slide the cowl cover and remove the hooks (D) at the front-end to remove the cover.

    FRV screen7.
    6. Check if the glass adhesive (A) protrudes from the windscreen end face.

    FRV screen8.
    7. Cut the protruding glass adhesive (A) along the windscreen end face with a utility knife. NOTE: Be careful not to scratch the body with the utility knife.
    FRV screen6.

    8. Install the parts in reverse order of removal.
    - Check the clips for damage, and replace them if necessary.
    - Securely install the clips until they click.

    Parts Information

    Causal part : 74200-SJD-000