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    If you’re replacing your car soon - perhaps buying a new 65 Reg vehicle - and you’re thinking about protecting your purchase with GAP Insurance, why not ask us for a quote?

    There’s a good chance you’ll save quite a bit of money over the dealer’s offering when you ask for a Chris Knott GAP quote - just read the Testimonials below. And as we’re insurance experts you’ll have the benefit of professional advice if you need it too.

    For a free, no-obligation quote please call us on 0800 917 2274. Alternatively, you can get a quote online by using our quick and simple quote system if you prefer.


    Our cover is a combination of Return To Invoice GAP and Finance GAP, giving you the best of both worlds. To find out more about Chris Knott Combination GAP please visit our website at GAP Cover (Combination GAP Insurance)

    We look forward to helping you arrange cost-effective protection for your new car. All it takes is a FREE phone call to Chris Knott on 0800 917 2274 (now free for mobiles) or a couple of minutes online.



    PS. Oh, and if you’re tempted or feel compelled to buy your GAP cover from the car dealer, here’s a cautionary tale from an episode of BBC’s Rip-Off Britain last year… Why people should buy GAP Insurance from brokers

    Chris Knott GAP - Testimonials:

    “Just wanted to say Thanks to Chris Knott for providing my GAP cover, dealer quote £300... Chris Knott £112. This is on a New Juke Tekna, upgraded alloys, spoiler." unrealuk, Juke Owners Group

    “Got my GAP insurance through Chris Knott, half my dealers quote, will definitely approach them for a quote when my annual insurance is due. Having the support through Chris Knott and the club gives a good feeling.” Lobo, Yeti Owners Club

    “Just done mine. Took about 2 minutes. Very user friendly." bagwafu, FiestaSTOC

    “Thanks for the GAP Insurance info, just took it out £83.....Dealer wanted £399.” g1smo, Juke Owners Group

    "Just got ours [GAP] through CK for £112 (for a Ford Kuga). Not bad for 3 years." AlfaJack, Alfa Romeo Owners Club

    "I bought GAP insurance at my local ford dealer when I purchased my ST. The price of it was £350 and thanks to signing onto this forum and Chris Knott Insurance I was able to cancel my current gap insurance as it was still in the 30 day period for a full refund and I've taken it out with Chris Knott for the price of £112.68. £237.32 back in my pocket! Thanks!" Ldube1992, FiestaSTOC

    "Have to agree with this, CKI quoted much less than the dealer for the GAP insurance on my Skoda." velocemitch, Alfa Romeo Owners Club
    "Agree completely about the GAP - probably would pay around 3 times the cost if bought through the dealer for the same insurance." actd, Juke Owners Group

    "Just did the same for mine... great Service at a fantastic price!" Anthony Trueman, FiestaSTOC
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    UPDATE: New prices, even more competitive.


    If you're wanting to arrange GAP Insurance on a new car purchase I have some good news for you.

    Chris Knott GAP has always offered great value for money but while adjusting the prices for the new insurance tax rate we've revised the vehicle value brackets further to make it even more competitive for you. We know we'll beat many of the alternative providers out there, especially the car dealers who are generally overpriced and not even insurance people.

    Please give us a call on 0800 917 2274 or use our online GAP facility to get a quote & buy - Chris Knott's RTI & Finance GAP.


    "Just took up this (GAP) with Andy when we bought our new Toyota GT86. £151 to cover a £29k car. This is combined cover to clear any finance and most importantly, pay the difference between the insurance settlement and the initial invoice price. Dealer wanted over £400! They also provided regular insurance cover for her new car. Again, really competitive prices and I know from experience that the cover, should the worst happen, is excellent." Squadrone Rosso, Alfa Romeo Owners Club UK

    "I've used Chris Knott for a few years as a direct result of seeing them on here. They do great value GAP insurance too." dagdave, CMax OC

    "FYI guys - just got a very competitive quote for car insurance and GAP insurance on [my car] from a lovely lady at Chris Knott. Worth checking out!" mjogreen, DS3Club