ICE & HFT Gathers auto changer

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    I have found hanging in side my boot a Gathers auto disc changer GZC 9100 I found the other end behind the radio, it is a round plug with multiple pins, there is nowhere on my radio for this to fit any ideas guys or is this another JDM experiment for Cyprus?
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    Hi Brian,

    Gathers seems to be a Japanese brand, never heard of them myself:

    Gathers Radio and CD - JDM EK9 Honda Civic Type-R Forum

    So maybe your car had the matching head unit at some point, but its been changed.

    If your car is a JDM model, Japan domestic market, it was probably as used import from Japan. Strange as I thought Cyprus got its cars from the UK, so you would have thought it would be a UK spec swindon accord.
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    No chanc of that Richi Cyprus gets it's cars from any where its the cheapest, although they are in the common market they still charge import duty, cash no cards or a brown envelope job will do. I thought the same and on these roads I would think it would jump around to much any way to be of any use, so I think I will take it out. On the point of my gearshift not moving out of park with out using the key slot emergency do you know if there is a solinoid some where that may have stoped working, there used to be a pronounced click when i press the brake pedal, now there is no click, I thought it may be the TCM "Transmission Control Unit" but i'm having my doubts now because its a printed curcuit board and there is nothing on it as far as I see that will click in and out, but I check the switch first, any ideas just throw them this way guys.
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    I have now removed the Auto disc changer from the boot as I have already got the central consule out I took this opertunaty to thread the lead through to the boot.