Aftermarket Kit Gear lever gaiter

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    A 08 with just 40 k on the clock, and my second gear lever gaiter is already starting to split. The first one disintegrated completely.
    Anyone know of any good after market gaiters ?
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    There look to be plenty on eBay - but perhaps worth asking HH whether there was a leather upgrade as a genuine Honda accessory?

    There certainly is/was for the 8th Generation Accord, certainly worth asking the question I'd say.
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    What Ed said. There are quite a few different ones on eBay, but if you're happy to pay the premium, check for a genuine leather option from HH. My Civic had a genuine leather one on it when I got it last year ('04 model with 80k on it) and the leather gaiter, though very thin actually only had the smallest of tears in it. I've since gone for a cheap replacement from eBay made of thicker leather.

    Only issue with the eBay options (especially the thicker leather ones) is sometimes they are difficult to fit.
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    Not sure if it will fit, but check out my thread when I replaced mine. I went for red to match the dashboard on Sport model. Also has a link to the one I bought. I can't fault the quality. It feels and looks really nice.

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